Monday, November 10, 2008

Review: Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon Hale and company

Book: Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale and "no relation" Nathan Hale

Genre: YA graphic novel

Rating: A

For: Fun!

My first graphic novel! It was fun. Different, but fun. I loved the pictures. Nathan Hale is amazing. I can't even imagine doing such a huge project. But, I did miss the word detail that you get from a novel. Still, it was very fun and very cute.

The story is a twist on the familiar Rapunzel, with a little Jack mixed in too! There's no rescuing prince, however, to whisk her away out of the tower! But get out she does, and once out, she meets a bunch of different communities of people, each of whom she helps in some way or another. Somewhere along the way, everything turns into a bit of a western story, which adds quite the personality to the whole book.

I loved it. It was great. My nine year old daughter loved it too, giggling and "oh no-ing!" as she read. A perfect thing for her right now. I hear there'll be sequels. Great news that is.
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  1. This would be great for my wiggly #5.

    He struggles to read. Thanks for all you do in primary. You're the greatest.

  2. I'm so looking forward to reading this one. Glad you enjoyed it!



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