Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weekly Geeks #26: Blog Hopping

The assignment this week: check out five bloggers that are unfamiliar to you, find something you have in common and post about it. Here's my five:

A brand-new book blogger, Bernadette from Reactions to Reading and I both have decided that sometimes, it's totally okay to NOT finish a book if you hate it. I still get a little queasy at this thought, but I CAN do it!

Louise from Lou's Pages is from Copenhagen, which we don't have in common, but I DID visit there several years ago and loved it. Hey, but my husband's ancestors ARE from there. Does that count? Also, she's participating in the Blog Advent Tour, which I just barely signed up for myself, even though I think all the spots are taken!

Sarah, at Behold, The Thing That Reads A Lot hated The Nanny Diaries! Yep, you guessed it, I did too. Hated it. And there aren't many books I hate. Oh, and Sarah, yes, you should put Holes on your TBR!

Then there's Jessi at Casual Dread. I was excited to see that what we have in common is a love for Star Trek. She posted a trailer for the new movie coming up in May and says "I am so so excited!" Yep, me too. I. Can't. Wait. (She also didn't too much like The Nanny Diaries either.)

Melanie at Cynical Optimism liked Twilight... the movie that is. And as we all know by now, I liked it too. A lot. She's also the oldest kid in her family, like me, and she likes Lost and reality TV, like me. Cool.

Fun new-to-me bloggers that I've found! I love blog hopping!


  1. Lets see if I can get to this this week before the next weekly geeks is up. LOL

  2. Thanks for visiting my pages. And I do think that it counts if your husband's ancestors were from Denmark....I've also lived in USA for a longer period, but that was years ago though ;o)

  3. Wanted to drop in and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! :)



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