Thursday, November 6, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Presents!

Booking Through Thursday

So, it’s my birthday today. (Please, no applause.) (Happy Birthday Deb!)
But it’s inspiring today’s question–

What, if any, memorable or special book have you ever gotten as a present? Birthday or otherwise. What made it so notable? The person who gave it? The book itself? The “gift aura?”

Interesting that this question would come up this week, because it's my birthday is NEXT week! :)

To answer the question, I think any book that my husband and kids have gone out to buy for me is special. I know it's stressful for them. They know I love books, but they have no clue what to buy for me. Often, what they come back with is something I've already read, or already have, but still, I love that they tried. Most recently, they came back with a book they bought from a sad looking local author who was sitting there at the table promoting their book. I loved that.

But most of the time, especially these days, I just get the gift card. And I love that just as much because what's more fun than going into the bookstore with an amount of money that you HAVE to use on books? Not much I'd say!

So, I've been thinking (even before this gift question came up today) I'd post a list of what I'd suggest, book-wise, for my birthday, just in case anyone asks around here... and I'll just stick it to this BTT post since it sort of applies:

My Book Wish List (at the moment)

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski
The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
World Without End by Ken Follett
Underdog by Markus Zusak

.... just to name a few.

And hey, did you watch the video I posted yesterday of Markus Zusak? Did you catch that he IS working on another book? It's due out next year. WAHOO! :) It's called Bridge of Clay. So excited!


  1. Hope you get some (or all) of the books on your list. No one ever gives me books as gifts even though I keep leaving all those book catalogues lying around with big red circles around the books I'd like to have!

  2. well you convinced me. I ordered your book from amazon for your birthday! Enjoy!

  3. Wait... WHAT? This list is for my family to glean ideas from... not you!! Stop that!

  4. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have some good books on your list...I hope you get a bunch!

  5. Now, all you need do is print up that list and leave copies of it all over the house. Happy Booking Through Thursday. I'm giving away a couple of books. See my sidebar if you're interested.

  6. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Your family sounds so awesome, that is what I love about my hubs - he knows I love books and he tries so amazingly hard to pick the perfect ones :)

  7. Too late Suey! I sent it to you and you will get a surprise from the goodness of my heart! You know I just love to surprise people. I hope your family takes a photo of you when you open the package...

  8. Serena you are crazy! But thank you so so much! I'm so excited! :)

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you get all the books in your wishlist!

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