Friday, July 25, 2008

Review: Amazing Gracie by A.E. Cannon (including Weekly Geek questions)

Book: Amazing Gracie by A.E. Cannon

Genre: YA

Rating: A-

I picked up this book at the library a week or so ago because the author, Ann Cannon, was coming to speak at our library's summer program. So, I had to prepare, you see! She came this past Tuesday and and it was fun and she talked mostly about her new book, (Loser's Guide to Life and Love) which of course we bought and had her sign!


Amazing Gracie is about a girl who's mom is suffering big-time from depression. She (the mom) gets re-married as the book opens, and they move to a bigger city, where Gracie's younger step-brother also moves in with them. Things were supposed to get better, but of course, they get worse first.

This book won a Beehive Award... a local award given out here in Utah.

Geek Questions:

From Dewey: Do you think Gracie will be a strong role model for girl readers? Is Amazing Gracie part of a series?

Gracie is a very strong role model for girls. She's wonderful. She holds her family together. She has her weak moments, which makes her real, but she is very strong and a fun character to get to know.

This book is not part of a series.

From Melissa: Shall I throw your question back at you? Sum up the life lessons (in Amazing Gracie) in a sentence or two.

In Amazing Gracie we learn that even when things get really bad, even so bad that it feels like things will never get better, there's still hope. Hang in there!

From Joy Renee: I'm interested in the technique and art of storytelling itself so anything along that line would interest me. My questions are for any or all of the fiction titles in your list:

How was Point-of-View handled? Was there a single POV character or did it alternate among two or more. Was it always clear whose eyes and mind were filtering?

I took the book back to the library and now I can't remember if the POV was third person or first! I think it was first, so that would answer both of your other POV questions right off! We saw everything from Gracie's POV quite clearly.

How was language used to set tone and mood?Was the prose dense or spare? Were sentences generally simple or complex?

The language in this YA book was very simple, with the prose and sentences geared towards teens.

How was metaphor used? Were associations fresh or did they tend toward cliche? Did they add to your understanding of the theme?

I don't think there was a whole lot of metaphor in this particular book. Everything was pretty much straight forward in the descriptions.

What was the central or organizing theme? How does the title relate to the story? Was it fitting?

I can never figure out themes! Perseverance? Confidence? Sounds good! :) The title is very fitting to the story, because it's Gracie that manages to hold this family together. Her step-dad calls her "Amazing Gracie" there towards the end to show her how much confidence he has in her.
Thanks for the great questions people! :)

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