Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekly Geeks #10: Magazines

Weeking Geeks this week is about one of my most favorite things: Magazines! This week's assignment is to post about the magazines we read. So here's a few of my favorites.

2. Yes, I subscribe
3. Favorite feature: Highlights on specific authors.
4. What my interest says about me: I'm a book geek!
5. I've been reading it for about three or four years.
6. The amount of reviews they have is amazing.

1. Entertainment Weekly
2. Yes, I subscribe
3. Favorite feature: I like their Top 20 Lists
4. What my interest says about me: I'm a pop culture geek!
5. I've been reading for about a year.
6. No specific quirky thing... I just like their inside scoop on stuff and how it keeps you updated on everything. And it's cheap.

1. Mental_floss
2. Yes, I subscribe.
3. Favorite feature: Oh, there's tons. The 6 degrees of Ken Jennings.... Scatterbrained... Interview with the Dead... etc.
4. What my interest says about me: I'm a trivia geek!
5. I've been reading for about a year.
6. This whole magazine is quirky. I LOVE it. It's very fun, smart, sassy and cool.

1. All You
2. Yes, I subscribe.
3. Favorite feature: not really sure.
4. What my interest says about me: I have no idea!
5. Again, about a year on the reading thing.
6. I like the recipes and all the easy suggestions for all kinds of different things.

1. Newsweek
2. Yes, I subscribe.
3. Favorite Feature: none in particular
4. What my interest says about me: I'm trying to be an informed geek!?
5. I've been reading this one about three years or so.
6. I used to read Time, then I switched to this one because it was a little cheaper, and because it seemed a bit easier to read. But now I'm not so sure.

Magazines I used to get but let the subscription run out: Real Simple, Oprah, Quilter's Newletter, Family Circle, Discover, Family Fun.

Magazines that get sent to us for free and we don't know why: Outsider, Field and Stream, Working Mother, Backpacking, Boy's Life

Magazines my kids get: Discover Kids, Girl's Life, Disney Adventures (before it died)

Magazines I'm tempted by: Writer's Digest, American History, crafty magazines

Magazines I wish wouldn't have died: Book, Pages

SO.... what magazines do YOU love?


  1. Those free mystery magazines are very outdoorsy. I bet they were a gift from someone who wants you to do more outdoorsy things, except when you're at work, apparently.

  2. Yeah, at the work that I don't have! :) I think my husband got on some outdoorsy list. But they are nice magazines... and I find it strange they'd just send them for free... instead of just a sample copy or something.

  3. I miss Pages! It was my favorite magazine before it died. :-(

  4. I only wrote about Bookmarks--you have great taste!! I had to laugh about your free magazines. We started to get TV Guide for free about a year ago for no apparent reason. Then they called to see if I wanted to renew and I very emphatically told them NO! Guess what is still coming each week?!
    The magazine All For You looks very intersting--I have never seen it before. You are the 2nd person to mention Mental Floss and I am very strongly considering checking this one out for me and my boys.

  5. mental floss and bookmarks are two of my favorite magazines. I wish I subscribed to bookmarks. The only things we get are Brain. Child (AWESOME parenting mag), US News and World Reports, and ESPN.

  6. I've read several reviews of Bookmarks on Weekly Geeks. I may just have to check that out!! I wonder if our public library carries a subscription...

    SmallWorld Reads

  7. Bookmarks seems to be a great find from these weekly geeks posts. I don't subscribe, but maybe I should.



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