Saturday, July 26, 2008

Messin' With The Blog

So, I've been noticing A LOT of people these days revising and redecorating their blog. I've been wanting to do this myself for awhile now, so today, I joined the fun and messed around with mine. Not too much, a little color theme change, which I'm still trying to decide if I like, and and a little font reduction. (I liked the big font, but it did look a bit jumbled, didn't it?) Also, I redid my blogroll to the newish Blogger format thing where the most updated ones fall to the top. We'll see what I think of that after awhile I guess.

Anyway, make sure you're on there! The blogroll I mean. (You may have to click the SHOW ALL button to check, if you haven't updated really recently.) I think I got most of the ones I regularly read hopefully ... and if you are a regular reader here, I want you on there too. But if I don't know you exist, then speak up! :)

Also, if you're on there and you'd rather not be, we can fix that too. ("I can fix that." Name the movie!)

I'm hoping to figure out a new header soon too, but that is a bit more difficult for me, but I like trying, so stay tuned for that to see if I'm successful or not.


In other news, IT RAINED TODAY! We haven't seen rain for, like, I don't know, over a month or something. So, this was exciting. I love rain and have really missed it. But, there's also a fire on the mountain, and you'd think the rain would help, but it seems to have just blown the fire smell everywhere, so we are smelling smoke MIXED with rain smell, which is a bit confusing.

And in order to make this blog post somewhat book related, my current reads are both ones that my boys have been insisting I read. My 13 year old has been begging me to get caught up on the Pendragon series, so I'm reading #3 (The Never War ) now. And my 18 year old son's favorite book of all time is The Catcher in the Rye, and so I finally decided to pick that one up and read it. Fast reading that one is, but whoa... Holden really needs to not think in swear words quite so much!

And now a song, just because I feel like it... though this isn't from the concert I was at... but is filmed by someone who obviously had a MUCH better seat than I did:


  1. It's there on the right hand side bar... which at the moment is purple (Book Bloggin' Buddies.) It's showing the blogs in the order of most recently updated, along with the title of the post. Kinda cool I'm thinking so far. And yep, you're there! :)

  2. I have been thinking about making a change too, although I haven't settled on just what or how. I do think the font on my blog is too small. :-(

    I do like your new colors!

  3. I like the new color palette. The blogroll feature is pretty cool.(I'm loving the rain too.)
    Jessica @

  4. Hmmmm. I do like that blogroll thing. Nice look!

  5. I like the new blogroll...where do i get one of those! LOL

  6. Suey, it's all going to revise and update your blog...or switch things around some. Like others, I like the blogroll too.

    Mine got a little out of I switched to a link with tags on Not a perfect solution, but it works for me -- for now.

  7. Serena: Did you figure out how to do this blogroll? It's a new-ish feature on the Blogger layout page.



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