Monday, July 21, 2008

My Experience in Pre-ordering Breaking Dawn

So, since I'll be out of town the weekend Breaking Dawn comes out, I decided I better pre-order it. So I go to Borders:

Me: I'd like to pre-order Breaking Dawn.

Borders Dude: Okay.

Me: And that means there'll be a copy here with my name on it, right?

BD: That's right.

Me: Even if I can't come and pick it up until Monday?

BD: Oh... let me check. (consults with other Borders Dude....)

BD: Umm... welll.... we can only hold it for you for 24 hours.

Me: Seriously? So.. pre-ordering is pretty much a waste for me then.

BD: Yep. Pretty much. BUT... we'll be ordering thousands. There should be plenty still here on Monday.

Me: So, it'll be different from last time then? When you ran out of Eclipse within an hour?

BD: WE didn't run out of Eclipse! That was Barnes and Noble!

Me: Well, it was right here in this store that I came last year, and we were all grabbing books from your last box you were setting out, which was about an hour after you opened.

BD: (shaking his head)

Me: (nodding mine)

Me: Well, so, anyway, you're ordering more than last time? And on Monday, you think you'll have plenty of copies left?

BD: Yep, we should.

So much for the pre-ordering idea.

Looks like I'll just have to take my chance that they really will... or that someone else will order thousands and still have copies left. I think I may go crazy that weekend wondering.


  1. Unbelievable! Can't some people be completely in denial? I decided to resign myself early on (yes, I'm a Cynic with a capital C) and just pre-ordered it on I'll have to wait a couple days for shipping, but at least I know I'll get a copy. Because of customer service dudes like the one you described. :)

  2. that sounds like every borders I have been to! LOL Hilarious.

    Mine doesn't even call me to tell me the books I order are there.

    Ridiculous. I usually get the books from amazon these days.

  3. Nice, good to know they've got it all under control over there. I order mine on Amazon too.

  4. you make me love my Waldenbooks store even more! Jan would hold that puppy for me for a month if I needed! I'll have to get her something special for Christmas... maybe a Borders gift card? :-))

  5. Maybe I will try Amazon. Will they deliver very quick after it's released? Or will the wait be still a week or some unbearable amount of time as that?



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