Monday, April 28, 2008

Favorite Authors: An Alphabet List

Here's a fun list idea I've seen going around, but I saw it first at An Adventure in Reading (Raidergirl). So here's my take on it:

An Alphabet List of Favorite Authors

(My criteria: Authors that I would run out and buy their new book without blinking an eye at a hard cover price, same thing if they are dead and they suddenly somehow wrote a new book. Or authors that I've pretty much read everything they've written.... or authors that I'm trying to read everything they've written. There's a couple of hard letters where I stuck a name of an author that I'm simply intrigued by.)

A: Jane Austen

B: The Bronte sisters

C: Wilkie Collins (tons of runner ups)

D: Charles Dickens (more tons of runner ups)

E: George Elliot

F: Cornelia Funke

G: John Galsworthy and Elizabeth Gaskell (sorry couldn't pick)

H: Shannon Hale

I: John Irving? (maybe)

J: Maureen Johnson (new to me favorite)

K: M.M. Kaye

L: Lowis Lowry

M: Stephenie Meyer and Robin McKinley (another tie)


O: George Orwell? (maybe?)

P: Christopher Paolini

Q: Anna Quindlen? (maybe?)

R: J.K. Rowling

S: Anya Seton

T: J.R.R. Tolkein


V: Kurt Vonnegut (one I NEED to read, but haven't yet)

W: Scott Westerfeld



Z: Hmmmm... let me think.... oh, yeah... Markus Zusak!!! :)

So... a few blanks. Any suggestions? You'd think I could come up with one for N though.

So, who're your favorites? Let me know if you do a list too!


  1. I haven't heard of either of our G's and you couldn't pick!

    That picture, adorable. I forgot how cute he was too :)

  2. Wow, this looks unbelievably difficult! I might have to give it a try, though. I always come up blank when I try to think of favorite authors...hmmm.

  3. A Shannon Hale fan? Yes! Fate has guided my Google stumble onto your blog! ;) Shannon Hale is one of my most favorite authors in the world.



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