Monday, April 7, 2008

Come Join the Farworld Blog Tour

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be participating in my very first blogtour this summer (and getting my very first ARC as part of the process! Cool.)

The book: Farworld (Vol. 1: Water)

The author: J. Scott Savage

This is the first of new YA fantasy that sounds wonderful. I really look forward to reading this and having my kids read it and then we'll be hooked to yet another series. Ah... the trials and tribulations we suffer!! So be sure to check back here in a few months to see what we think of it.

The great news is, he's still looking for bloggers to participate, so click
HERE for more information on what you need to do it get your copy and join in the fun.

1 comment:

  1. I'm excited about Savage's book tour, too. I think it's awesome that authors are recognizing the power we book blogger have. Have you read him before? I haven't, so I'm looking forward to this.



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