Monday, March 22, 2021

Random Life Update

A cat picture because don't we all love cat pictures?

I feel like it's been a long long time since I've done a random rambling post. But I feel like one is really needed about now since we have crossed that year mark from when all the pandemic stuff started. Here are a few thoughts:

  • We keep having anniversary dates: one year since the pandemic started, one year since we've been to our last concert, one year since that crazy earthquake happened, one years since we've been on an airplane, one since we could go in public without a mask... and on and on. It's crazy we've survived this long in this new world. Who knew it would still be happening a year later. 
  • But it seem like the light is at the end... I got my first vaccine dose last week, and look forward to completing that process with the second dose in a couple of weeks. Hopefully the rest of the family and follow soon with their doses. I'm still wary that it will even help... I keep reading things that say you can still give it and you can still get it... so that makes me think what's the point. But hopefully the point is that this is a step in just making this all end. Though.. there are some that say it will never end and this is our life now. Which is the most depressing thing ever.
  • It's also been one year since I went to the doctor to "get healthy" which basically means I'm told all the things that are wrong with me and that if I eat this I will die, but if I eat that I will also die. And that I need to take a thousand supplements to cover all the things I can't eat. I can't even tell you how frustrated I am with it all. I'm still at 40 pounds lost, and holding steady... it seems that no matter what I do.. eat good or eat crappy... nothing moves that number now. So... I'm currently trying to figure out what to do next... food wise. Moderation in all things?
  • In other news, I'm constantly trying to figure out how my hobbies can make money. I don't know why I care about this lately, but it seems like a good thing to worry about. So... I want to figure out how to make videos for the kpop channel that get watched, I want to start making other sorts of videos for a "normal" channel (lol... like books, travel, etc.), and I want to figure out how to write books that people want to read and sell them independently on Amazon. So there you go for my new years resolutions. Ha. 
  • I'm also helping my son try to get a cool language vocabulary site off and running and spending a ton of time on that. If anyone knows how to get a business going, let me know! I'm sure you'll see more on that when I really start trying to get the word out, but in the meantime, if you want to drill French words or Korean words... try it out! 
  • Oh I was going to mention that I'm part of a video chat show that my friend is doing on her YouTube channel. Talking with people from all over the world about kpop. It's been pretty cool so far. Pretty sure anyone reading this won't want the link, so... no link. Just know that's been a biggish fun thing in my life lately! And maybe I'll get famous because of it...(insert extremely sarcastic emoji face here....) 
What's new with you all? Have we all survived the year and hopeful things will get back to the new normal soon? New normal where we can travel, go to concerts,  and you know... see people again? 

An example of the sort of breakfast I eat that makes me lose weight,
but isn't great for cholesterol levels.

It's been exciting at the library, we opened a new part of the building that we call:
The Library Hall. Now, if only we could have events in it!

An example of the wonderful lyrics found in my kpop songs. 
Most songs are so upbeat and positive, and they really help me keep going.

Pickleball has becoming a thing at this house. But it's bad if you accidently step on one.

A rare selfie on the day I got my Victon album and was thrilled.

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  1. I'm having the same problem with the high protein foods that make my cholesterol go up. Seriously, why is it so hard to get fit and healthy?? Ugh. Congrats on the 40 pounds - that's awesome!



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