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Kdrama Review: Lovestruck in the City

Drama: Lovestruck in the City (on Netflix)

Starring: Ji Chang Wook, Kim Ji Won, 

Genre: Romantic comedy

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This was a very different one guys! I don't even know what to say! LOL! It's set up like a reality show... or a documentary. So the actors are looking at the camera a lot and talking to the "interviewers" and answering questions. In the course of them answering questions, their story unfolds. And so sometimes it morphs into a "regular" drama where we see the story... and then sometimes we are back with the characters as if they are real people getting interviewed. 

Does that even  make sense? 

So it's fun and different and takes a bit of getting used to. But I enjoyed it once I got used to it.

It's very unrealistic though, because at first you think all these characters are randomly picked for this "reality" show, but then suddenly we realize that they are all connected. Of course. Their stories all intersect in the end!

So we follow three couples, who are all getting interviewed about their thoughts on love and relationships. The main couple had a fast and furious affair when the dude went off for a vacation. And meets the girl and is completely blown away by her. She is like a breath of fresh air to him. So quirky and fun and spontaneous. 

But turns out she was faking that personality. And when she realizes he is in love with THAT personality and not her true self. She runs away and leaves him. Ah, it's heart breaking. 

So now, in present time, which is about a year after that happens... he is angry and hurt and trying to heal, and not doing a very good job of it. 

The other couples have stories that we follow too and we get invested in all of them. 

Despite the fun of this drama and the sort of free spirit of it... at times it made me feel quite depressed. I hated how they treated each other sometimes, and what a bleak out look it had on love... and relationships. It just made me sad a lot.

And yet, there are moments that are very romantic and has some of the most romantic bits I've seen in a drama to date. Also.... Ji Chang Wook. I mean.. . he's practically perfect in every way, so it really doesn't matter what he does, you know! Yeah, if you are a fan of him, watch this one!

Anyway, so mostly I really enjoyed it, even if these characters made me crazy at times. The end was... weird... and upsetting for one of the couples. I was like... you are seriously going to leave that story like that? NO. UNACCEPTABLE!

Also, they threw in a side story that featured newly returned from the military SHINee's Minho, who placed the character of the cop and they gave him a little romance at the end too. It was cute, but felt a bit out of place, especially when we really wanted things wrapped up with the other characters. But like JCW... Minho is Minho and we'll watch him do anything really. 

(Side note: I thought that cop looked like Minho the whole time, but I totally didn't think it was him because how could he be in a drama already when he literally JUST GOT DONE with the military? I figured it was just a really good look alike. But then towards the end when everyone was talking about him, I was like.. DANG, that REALLY is Minho all this time? Silly me!!)

So yeah. It's a good one, mostly! And like I said... I love Ji Chang Wook in anything. 

Yeah. How could I not think that's Minho??

Here's a fun fast trailer:

And a lovely song set to some of the fun clips during the romantic parts!

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