Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kdrama Review: Do You Like Brahms?

Drama: Do You Like Brahms?

Genre: melodrama romance

Starring: Park Eun Bin, Kim Min Jae, Park Ji Hyun

Rating:  ❤ ❤ ❤ 

This was the drama that got me to give in and buy the PLUS pass over there at Viki. Gah. I didn't want to give in but I wanted to watch this drama so bad...and I was sick of going to watch a drama and having it be for only plus pass members. So... I did it.

That being said, I'm not sure this drama was worth it. I guess I expected too much this time around. I expected it to be slow and heart warming and calm and sweet. It was slow for sure... a little TOO slow. But it was filled with much more angst and not so much the sweetness as I expected. And I thought it would be WAY more romantic than it was. (It probably didn't help that I was watching it in conjunction with Angle's Last Mission, which if you read that review, I deemed it one of the most romantic dramas I've seen so far! Probably not fair to this one!)

Anyway, this one is about a girl who is trying desperately to be a great violin player. She's really struggling. She's just not as good as she would like to be. And everyone in her life is very discouraging. And it's about a guy who is a prodigy piano player, and very famous, but he's sick of it and has hit a sort of wall. And then the two of them meet. And they fall for each other pretty fast, but things are complicated with other people in their life... and it's not as simple as AH, let's be together! Sigh. 

It was kinda cute for a minute how awkward they were with each other. But after awhile I wanted them to get over it... lol. And they were so formal with each other... the ENTIRE drama. I thought that after awhile couples usually get a little more relaxed, but not these guys! However, there WAS an awesome kiss. 

So yeah, I got frustrated with some of the characters that made me crazy. And about half way through I just wanted it over, which is very unusual for me where dramas are concerned. 

I did really enjoy Kim Minjae in this leading role though. And wanted to know if he was really playing the piano. My guess is... maybe a little, but not for really. I don't think the girl was really playing the violin for sure. It really would have been cool though. There was a lot of classical music moments in this one that I enjoyed, but it did add to the slowing down of things a lot too.

Here's a trailer:

And a song by the one and only Baekhyun:


  1. Park Eun Bin played all the violin pieces herself because she really plays the instrument. She plays the piano too. Kim Min Jae played all the pieces as well except for some in the recitals at the end because those needed to sound masterful coming from a world-renowned pianist. They have videos on IG playing the instruments which really turned me into a fan.

    1. Really? That's awesome! When I concentrated on her playing it seemed like her fingering and bowing didn't match up to what I was hearing, but maybe it's just the editing and stuff. With Minjae, I was really paying attention and all I saw was either his face... or his hands... never the two together to prove that he was playing! I wish they would have done some full shots like that! Anyway, it's cool that they really do know how to play their instruments. :)



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