Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Book Review: Key to My Heart (Idol in Love #4) by Trish Milburn

 Book: Key to My Heart (Idol in Love #4) by Trish Milburn

Genre: Kpop romance

Rating:  ★ ★ ★ ★

I just really enjoy this fun series a lot. If you haven't been paying attention, the whole series follows the activities of a fictional kpop group, SBG, and each book features a different member of the band, and how he finds love. This is quite the revolutionary idea in the land of kpop since most kpop idols don't really get to date and fall in love. And if they do, it's very much in secret, and if that secret comes out, they get crap by the "fans" who are bothered by the idea. And if they happen to actually get married (gasp) they REALLY get crap and even are sometimes kicked out of their group. 

I love that Trish is playing with this idea such that she is making it somewhat "normal" for the boys to find girlfriends and be happy and show that they are able to go on with their work as a kpop idol even so. 

In this instalment, we center on PK (Park Kwon) of SBG. He's the fun loving, flirting, happy go lucky, maknae (youngest member.) It's somewhat surprising to everyone, then, that he is suddenly struck by this girl he happens to meet. (Her friend actually writes him a letter inviting him to her birthday party, and he up and goes!) She runs a tour guide company and he suddenly ends up booking a tour and they spend several days together site seeing. Can you even imagine?? I love it. 

Of course, she is thinking this is not a great idea. Being the girlfriend of an idol has a lot of drawbacks. But maybe she will manage to overcome those? 

And he, while he isn't sure that he can actually succeed in a long term relationship, he might change his mind and do it anyway. Maybe? 

These books are very light and fluffy, but you know I'm loving that right now. I love how fun and clean and positive these stories are. I love how I can picture all this happening, and I can picture these boys and this group as if they were real. So much fun.

I have no idea who Trish pictured for the character of PK (I know she bases all her characters of a real life idol, which is so much fun!) but I sort of pictured a younger version of Eunhyuk from Super Junior. He's a very playful flirty type, with a big heart, and would fit this image really well.

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