Sunday, June 7, 2020

Reading Recap May 2020

A May storm rolling through

Reading is picking up around here! Though not sure that will reflect in May's recap. I guess you'll have to see next month if I'm right or not.

What I read this month:

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North: Harry lives a life, dies, and then is born again in the exact same circumstances. This is the tale of what happens during his first 15 lives and it's not very pretty.

Awakening: Starwalker Chronicles Book 1 by Christopher Keeler and Matthew Keeler: Our girl Jenna finds herself mixed up in a rebellion of sorts and learns she is key to the success of this endeavor.

Sing Me a Love Song: An Idol in Love Book 1 by Trish Milburn: Our girl (another Jenna!) comes to live with a kpop group to write their story... and becomes very intrigued by one of the boys in particular.

I would have to say The First Fifteen Lives was my favorite this month just because it was so... crazy!

Goals for June:

  • read Station 11 for book club
  • read more of Trish's idol books
  • read books that have been waiting their turn patiently for years
Summer is typically a bad reading time for me, but since life is weird right now, maybe I'll actually read a lot this summer. It is summer now right? Because time is also weird.


  1. I had no idea there was such a romance novel as the Idol books! They sound like fun.

    1. Yes, romance with kpop idols. There's a bunch of them out there!



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