Friday, June 26, 2020

Coronavirus Month THREE: May 19 to June 26, 2020

One day we spent learning how to screen print tshirts and we we made a bunch showing off our kpop love!

I slacked off in my posting every week about our new daily life. That's because there's been nothing much interesting to write. As I mentioned last time, life was seeming to ease back toward normal, and that has continued through the month of June. Sometimes a little too normal. And in so doing, the virus cases are spiking and are actually way worse than when we started in March. So, it's all very confusing and frustrating and who knows what's right and what will happen and how this will all play out.

I'm going to work two days a week now. (My normal was always three days.) So who knows how long that will last and if/when I'll go back to the normal routine there. But the library is opened now, with modified procedures, and everyone wears masks and things all seem to be going smoothly for now.

The husband is still working from home and so far nothing will be changing with that. The company has loved people working from home and so this might be the new normal for him. We still get up very late... and he works later in the evening... and it seems to be a great routine for all!

We have been going out and about more... to the stores, and on errands... always with the mask. One day we even went to a restaurant... eating outside on the sidewalk were no one else was around. It was weird and like a blast from a former life! But other than that, we continue to order take out when restauranting is needed.

The family circle has widened still a bit more too, and we we've gone to a few family events, and hosted one kid who stayed the night as she is moving across the country. Not sure if I'm supposed to feel guilty about that, or... like I said... what's right or wrong in all of this, but so far, everything seems to be okay.

A few weeks ago we added another big event to the year of 2020 in that the civil rights movement has had a resurgence and people all across the country ignored the social distancing/quarantine thing to gather together and protest for the Black Lives Matter movement. This was all sparked by the death of black man in Minneapolis after the police were called by a store clerk thinking he was using a forged check or something. He didn't resist anything, but the policeman still restrained him by kneeling on his neck until he couldn't breathe and died. The whole thing was caught on someone's phone. Chaos ensued all around the world. It was gut wrenching to watch. Since then, many other similar cases have been brought to light and everyone is calling for something to change, and for racism to end once and for all. I still think it will be a long time before we can reach that ideal, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

Anyway. And so it goes. In our immediate every day lives, nothing is new. All events are still cancelled and travel  is restricted, so there's nothing to do and no where to go. Online events continue and help us all to feel connected, which is awesome. It remains to be seen what happens next or where we go from here. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. Mostly, the whole thing just sucks and is making us all crazy.


  1. There are days when I can't stand to look at or hear any news, and then days when it's pretty much the only thing I read/watch. I'm curious to hear how you silkscreened the shirts!

    1. We used this kit from Amazon:

  2. We have been allowed to go out and about a bit more but the number of the cases is on the rise so we have a few suburbs that have gone back into lockdown. Thankfully, not us, but who knows. It could be us soon.



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