Monday, June 1, 2020

Book Review: Sing Me a Love Song by Trish Milburn

Book: Sing Me a Love Song (An Idol in Love Book 1) by Trish Milburn
Genre: romance
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★

Trish and I fangirl together over kpop nearly daily over on Twitter. Ah, the fun we have! When I realized (quite awhile back) that she's a prolific author and has been immersed in writing this kpop romance series for the past year, I was intrigued and interested. I've been meaning to check it out all this time, so I am happy to have finally jumped in with this book one!

I've read quite a few fun little books based in the kpop fandom and I must say that so far this is my favorite. And I am now committed to reading the rest of the series! Because I need to know what happens to everyone!

This particular book is the love story between Hajoon from the kpop group SBG and their recently hired biographer. In a very unprecedented move, the company hires this girl to come in and actually live with the group in order to get to know them, interview them, take notes and write a true and sincere book about their crazy lives. What the heck! LIVE WITH THEM? Yes!!!

And so our girl, Jenna, comes with the idea she is going to be so professional and just do the job as she has done with previous gigs. But... these guys... (and the one in particular...) are hard to ignore. And she comes to love them all like the family she's never had.  And despite both of their better judgement, she and Hajoon truly fall in love.

Which, as you may or may not know, is quite forbidden in the kpop world! And so how to deal?

What I loved about this story is how real it seemed. I mean, it felt like how their lives are portrayed might really be how it is. The stuff they go through, their relationships with their families, the secrets they keep, the way they have to bow down to their managers and the company, the blood sweat and tears they put in to their work. It's intense. And frustrating.

Anyway, I totally enjoyed it and, just like Jenna, fell in love with all the characters. Lately I've been learning a ton of new kpop groups, the list is quite endless, and now I've added yet another one! Even if they are fictional!

The rest of the series highlights all the different members of this group and how they all manage to find love, which is awesome, since in the real kpop world, I know this is a rarity. (Although it does happen for a few lucky ones! Way to go Chen, Sungmin and Taeyang!) And now I've gotta keep reading them to see how it all goes down with the other boys. Awesome job Trish for sucking me in!

(And once I am caught up with the kpop boys, I just might have to check out all the cowboys she's written about!)

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