Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Kdrama Review: Clean With Passion for Now

Drama: Clean With Passion for Now
Genre: Romantic comedy
Starring: Yoon Kyun Sang, Kim Yoo Jung, Song Jae Rim
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The first few moments (well, and many moments throughout) of this ones were very timely! Our dude has massive OCD about germs and so we are seeing the world through his eyes as everyone around him sneezes, wipes their hands all over surfaces, and then everyone else touches those places. He is thinking about all the germs in the world and how everyone is so gross to spread them all over the place. Living right now everyone, not just the germ OCD people, is on high germ alert... it was pretty "funny". 

So he is the CEO of a cleaning company, since that's what he knows. And he hires young pretty people to his cleaning fairies. He's a good guy, but just very very uptight and all. 

Our girl runs into him, literally, one day when she is helping out with her dad's cleaning business. And she dumps garbage all over his car. He is appalled! And demands she pay him for damages. It doesn't help that this girl is very rumpled and "unclean" to him. He is so disgusted by her.

But their paths to continue to cross and it turns out he is not so repulsed by her as he originally thought. Eventually, she ends up with a job in his company and then they really end up seeing lots of each other. Many funny things happen that gross him out and yet...he is also attracted. It's awesome.

As is the case for all dramas, there are lovely back stories that explains why our characters are the way they are and make them even more sympathetic. Soon we are rooting for them all to find happy endings and figure out all their issues.

It's a really cute fun drama and another perfect one for this crazy time. It's silly at times and over-the-top acted, but still, I really had fun watching it. I've never seen this actor dude before, but he was hilarious and really got into the over the topness!

Also, the romance is adorable. And once they get going... wow!! Pretty sure this one has the longest kissing scene I've ever seen in a drama!

And of course there's a love triangle. The dude that lives in the families rooftop apartment has a big part to play in this story too! 

Here's a cute little trailer:

And the song I enjoyed throughout the show, with cute clips:

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