Saturday, February 8, 2020

Mini Movie Reviews: Jumanji 2, Frozen 2, Star Wars IX

I've not been going to the movies much lately, but over the holidays I saw three movies in one week. I know, right? Here's what I thought of them:

JUMANJI 2: The Next Level

I hadn't see the first one of these... and since work was taking us to this second one I had to catch up and so we rented that one first and watched it in preparation. I thought it was surprisingly funny, which seemed to be the sentiment from most people who had already seen it. Not bad, quite funny, not creepy like Robin Williams version, and etc. I agreed. It was a fun movie. So with that I looked forward to this second one.

Good thing I prepared, because I would have been so lost otherwise. Anyway, the second one was pretty much more of the first in that the kids end up in the video game AGAIN (even though it was destroyed in that first movie!) because they had to rescue their friend. They thought they would have the same characters as the first, but there was much body swapping going on and they had to experience a different body. So that was funny. Also, add to the mix that the grandpas ending up coming with them, and so that was funny. (A fun way to get some more big names in this movie!)The best thing about these movies is seeing these actors have to play up being a person they are not... I mean that goes without saying for any actor, right? But you KNOW what I mean when it comes to this movie! LOL! Anyway, the adventures were crazy and fun and everything was exaggerated as expected and I really enjoyed it. Woot!

The trailer:


I'm not a huge Frozen fan, but of course we had to go just to be part of the in crowd. HA HA! And I wanted to hear the music so... we went. And yes the music was fun. I especially enjoyed the haunting song at the very beginning that the mom sings. So pretty. The story was a bit sad, given the whole betrayal spin, but of course all things end happily. I really enjoy Anna and Kristof the most for sure. And the Olaf of course, as we all do. 

What I especially enjoyed was seeing all my kpop favorites going ballistic over Into the Unknown and everyone doing covers of it. So fun! And some of them blow me away with their renditions. For example Sunyoul from Up10tion, singing it in Elsa's original key, which is AMAZING. Take a listen:

But here's the trailer:

STAR WARS IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Here's another one we were able to go to with work people, the husband's this time. I wasn't as excited about this one as I have been for Star Wars' past, but just the fact that it was the end of the series... something I had been in love with since seeing the first one in 1977 at 12 years old... gave me chills, and made me so sad at the same time. What a ride it's been, this Star Wars thing, eh? I am blown away by the epicness of it all!

Anyway, I ended up loving it.  I thought it was a great end to the epicness. It felt good. I got weepy. I was happy with the arc of certain characters. Confused by some stuff, but not overly so. Anyway, I don't want to say too much in case someone happens up this who cares about spoilers. Plus I don't remember details much either! HA. I need to see it again I think.

Here's the trailer:

Anyway, it was a fun week of movie watching. I do miss the movies and hope to go more this year! Bring that back into my life!!


  1. I liked all three of these movies two. Jumanji 2 was one of my favorites of last year. And, I thought Rise of Skywalker was a good conclusion but for some reason this new trilogy doesn't grab me like the originals and the prequels do. I really loved Frozen 2. I liked it better than the first one.

  2. I don't go to the movies very often, but I've actually seen TWO of these! My husband and I took our 11-year-old daughter to Frozen 2 and we all loved it. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I went with the fam to see it when someone else bailed and enjoyed it. Jumanji just looks dumb to me, but I'm glad to hear it was funnier than it looks.

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