Monday, February 24, 2020

Kdrama Review: 1% of Something

Drama: 1% of Something
Genre: Romantic comedy
Starring: Ha Seok Jin, Jun So Min
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Well, so I started this one in order to have something to watch while waiting for new episodes of Crash Landing on You. I wanted one that was easy and fun and fluffy. I picked the perfect one! And I must have totally been in the mood because I ended up "binging" it, which for me means, watching the whole thing in a matter of a few days! So fun!

And DANG, but now there's another new favorite lead actor to love! My list is getting so huge! I hadn't seen him anything before and he was a blast. (I have since learned that he had a cameo in Crash Landing... what! I was watching both at the same time and I didn't even realize??)

Anyway. He is very swoony. I had heard this one was good in the kissing department and that held true. Whew. Perfect!

This one is what we call a contract story. So, we have our rich obnoxious leading dude who is set to inherit his grandfather's wealth...but the grandfather makes a clause in the will that he has to marry this girl, this nice sweet school teacher girl. Now, the reason the grandfather chooses this girl, is that she ended up being the one to save him when he nearly died one day near her school. She has no idea who he is and doesn't know the connection. So she is baffled when she is summoned to be part of this contract.

The guy negotiates with his grandfather that he will give it a try and at least date this girl for six months. And so it goes. They start a "fake" relationship just to get through it all. They seem totally ill-matched of course and clash in all the ways.

And yet. He is drawn to her... and ends up being the first to fall.

And then she follows close behind.

But they have the deadline looming and once it's here, they are supposed to be done and over.

So what then?

It's a really cute one! So much fun! So funny and adorably and swoony all over the place! AHH! It's great to counter balance some of the heavy subject ones with these sorts of fluffy ones. I love it.

This isn't a great trailer, but it's all I can find with subs:

More cute stuff:

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  1. This one is super cute! I loved it. Haven't watched it in years, but oh my goodness those kisses... ;)



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