Saturday, February 22, 2020

Concert Report: SEVENTEEN in LA January 19, 2020

Back row: DK, Seungkwan, S. Coups, Woozi, Mingyu
Middle row: The8, Vernon, Jeonghan, Dino
Front row: Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Joshua

Our concert going year started off with bang in January over the MLK holiday with a trip to LA to see the awesome group SEVENTEEN. (Seventeen with 13 members!) We've loved these guys since the beginning and watched them grow from a newbie group to one of the most loved kpop groups out there.

We have quite the driving routine these days. On this trip, I left on a Saturday morning, drove to pick up Toto at her school three hours south. We then continued on to Barstow, five more hours of driving, with a pit stop at our new favorite pit stop place... the huge Chevron in Jean Nevada.

We slept in Barstow and then left that morning to finish going to LA, two more hours. We went straight to Choice Music where we spent some money... I bought another Stray Kids album and the lightstick for this concert... Seventeen's light stick. I can't remember what else. Ha.

Then we went to Sul and Bean in Koreatown... to have bingsoo and meet up with friends. That was fun! Then on to our hotel near the airport and venue, which this time was the LA Forum.

We had exactly one hour to rest, before we we headed to the concert by way of a Lyft ride, about 10 min away. The crowd was already huge, but we got through security quickly and ended up in our seats with an hour to wait.

But waiting is fun, because they play MVs and the entire audience sings along. It's so fun. But finally it started and then we had THREE FULL HOURS of concert bliss! From crazy dance songs, to beautiful ballads. We got it all. Hoshi stole the evening with his crazy charm and DK blew me away with his amazing vocals as expected. They are all so much fun though. I got tired standing (we had seats, but who sits at these things? No one.) and kept thinking... are my concert days numbered? How long can I do this for! I think for a good time to come still. Just no more mosh pits!

Anyway. They did their signature finale with Very Nice and pretended to leave I don't even know how many times. Seven or eight? So much fun!

So then, the big dilemma was how to get back to the hotel. We learned that The Forum has this elaborate system for Lyft/Ubers to pick people up, but so many were doing it that the app wouldn't even work. So we left the premises and walked down a street a bit and finally managed to get one called. It took us 45 minutes! But finally we got back to the hotel... about midnight.

We were starving because all we had eaten was the bingsoo 12 hours before! So we did our very first Door Dash order ever and got a hamburger delivered to our room at 12:30 am! WAH! That was a the best hamburger ever!

The next day was Monday, MLK Day, and we drove the whole way back home, taking the entire day to do so.

Exhausted, but so worth it!

Two weeks later, we went again. Stay tuned....

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