Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Kdrama Review: Hotel del Luna

Drama: Hotel del Luna

Genre: Fantasy
Starring: Yeo Jin Goo, IU, P.O
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This has been the current buzzed about drama this summer...and so I decided to jump in at the beginning this time and watch it every week as it aired. It helped that Toto was home when we started it and wanted to do the same! And then the Mr. saw us having fun watching together and joined in. And soon the son/brother and his girlfriend were joining us! WE WATCHED A DRAMA TOGETHER AS A FAMILY! This is pretty big and it was really fun for me.

Anyway. The drama is about a hotel for ghosts...a place for them to stay when they are stuck here because of something holding them back from going to the afterlife. When they get that resolved, they can move on to the great beyond.

Our girl has been the boss/owner/runner of this hotel for over a thousand years, a sort of punishment to the stuff she did in her life, all of which we learn about as the show progresses. Over the years, she hires a human person to manage the hotel so he can deal with human matters. Our guy is the one she has lately picked for this job. For a bunch of strange and interesting reasons.

She has three ghosts very close to her that also help with the hotel.. their back stories and resolutions to them are also a big part of this show.

It has a bit a of a Beauty and the Beast vibe because there is a tree that represents her soul, and when this new manager shows up, the tree is suddenly blossoming. And the idea is that when it blossoms and then the leaves fall again, she will be ready to move on... finally.

There is much lovely bantering between these two. They seem ill-matched of course, but the dude, a very soft hearted and calm and sweet kid, manages to soften her extreme harshness. It's awesome.

The fun ghost stories (of guests at the hotel), the past stories of our main characters, the beautiful special effects, the amazing acting and the amazing music all make this one of the best dramas of the year. Such a fun one to watch.

My only complaint was that it seemed to drag a bit in those final episodes... and they really played some things up and made it go on and on and on. But I was waiting for the usual kdrama manipulation of the ending and this one did not do that. So I was very pleased with that.

IU dressed up in so many amazing things during the drama! 

Anyway. IU, our main girl, was amazing in her role. She outshone everyone, even my guy (the third drama of his I've watched in a row now) took a back seat! Even though he was perfect too. Also PO (from the idol group BlockB) was so adorable as the bell hop. And his story was the one that actually made me weepy in the end. Great job dude! So good!!

There were a lot of drama inside jokes featured during this drama... cameos from some famous dudes, a very WHAT? cameo from someone huge at the end, lots of references to other dramas these guys have all been in, and especially The Crowned Clown which I just reviewed the other day. I was happy to catch and understand most of these jokes and it made it all even more fun.

Anyway, it was a blast watching one in "real" time and see the buzz every week online as each episode was aired.

Here's the trailer:

And the song we all fell in love with:

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