Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Kdrama Review: to.Jenny

Drama: to.Jenny

Genre: romance
Starring: Jung Chae Yeon, Kim Sung Cheol
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

Here's a cute little drama, only two episodes, which basically means "like a movie."  It's about our guy, a wannabe guitar player star, but instead is working in a convenience store, and our girl, who actually IS a music star, but she is struggling with her company and needs to step up her game in order to survive and one of the things she needs to do is learn how to play the guitar.

And so, the two of them went to high school together and in fact the guy crushed on the girl big time. At the end of the year talent show, he tried to sing her a song, but his voice squeaked, and he has never lived it down. The girl doesn't really remember him, until he reminds her of this incident.

Because yes, they do meet... at the convenience store.. and yes, he finds out about her need to learn the guitar and yes, he starts to teach her.

All this came about because his little sister forced him to get an instagram account, so he did and he dedicated it to her.. thus we have.... to.Jenny. :) And then he followed her and yeah.. know he knows what she is up to.

So, this drama is basically a musical because these two sing songs .... like... all the time. So it's lovely if you are in the mood for that. Some songs are really silly, and some are really nice.

I enjoyed it. The little sister stole the show. The dude is a great singer. The romance is cute. The friends are fun. I totally enjoyed it for a quick one night of viewing!

Here's a funny little trailer:

And this is the song he writes for her:

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