Monday, January 22, 2018

Kdrama Review: Because This Is My First Life

Yes, a kitty also starred in this one. :)
Drama: Because This Is My First Life
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Starring: Lee Min Ki, Jung So Min
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Not sure what made me start this one, just seeing about it here and there and it looked fun. But (gosh how many times do I say this lol!!!) it really had some issue-y things going on that I did not expect!

This one basically follows three different couples, all experiencing different levels of romance/marriage/dating etc.

Our main couple is the most unique one. Our girl has no place to live at the moment. She can't stand her house anymore because her brother's new wife has just moved in with them all and it's stifling. Her friends have no room and so she needs to find a cheap place. She ends up getting hooked up with what she thinks is a perfect situation. She doesn't meet the landlord ahead of time, they just have text communications.

Meanwhile, our guy has this nice apartment and he needs a tenant to help him pay off his loan. He is VERY particular and has a OCD sort of personality.. meaning he has a list and a rating system for his tenants and so far, no one is making the cut. But he is hooked up with a new tenant that he does not meet, but communicates with through texts.

Yeah. After a few days of near misses, they finally stumble upon each other and are BAFFLED when they realize they aren't rooming with someone of their same gender. Awkward.

But the guy loves her as a tenant. She's been perfect. The highest rating he's had yet! And the girl loves him as a landlord... because he is giving her a great discount. (No deposit..something like that.)

And so they write up a detailed contract and decide to get married. LOL.
Couple #1 taking a selfie to prove they are..."together". LOL... cracks me up.

Our other couple has been dating for seven years...and the girl is dying to get married but the guy is like... why? Is that really necessary to prove we love each other and are committed?
Couple #2.. SUCH CUTIES!

The third couple is in it just for the sex. But the guy kind of likes her... and then loves her... and then she kind of likes him... and then loves him.

Couple #3: The power couple

All these people are friends.

Here they all are at the happy wedding! :)

And they all go through ups downs and crazy things until everything is resolved in the end.... and they all go through all the various stages of marriage/romance/dating before it's over.

The issues addressed? Well, of course, much is said about the nature of love and marriage. About pleasing your parents or doing whatever the heck you want to anyway. Much is said about gender roles and women's rights and feminism and all that. Much is said about traditional vs. non. Much is said about family, love, friendship, relationships, emotions, feelings, etc.

So.. I loved it.

The guy was amazing playing a very stoic unemotional dude... never cracking a smile. Never shows his feelings. EXCEPT that he does! How do people do that??? He was simply perfect. And I knew as the story unfolded he would start to soften up and loosen up and then watching that actually happen was lovely.

All the actors and characters were, as always, fun and developed and complex. Everyone did such a great job. I'm sad I actually had to finish and be done! BUT... I was DYING for that happy ending!!

I can't find a decent trailer, so we'll cut right to the love song that I totally absolutely fell in love with and can NOT get out of my head. This one shows a few clips with our main couple.


  1. This one sounds super cute and I love that selfie! I need to get watching!

    1. Jenny: That selfie scene is the best! LOL!!! This dude... oh my gosh. I can't explain him, but you love him whether you want to or not... :)

  2. I want to watch this one just because of the cat! LOL!

    1. Jenni: There is A LOT with the cat. She even has a ton of lines... :)

  3. This drama was really popular on tumblr when it was airing and I love the lead actress so that is what got me interested in watching it and I like you was very happy that I did. I really love how are leads end up living together for like a week before realizing that their living with someone of the opposite sex and I love how they eventually come to the conclusion that get fake married is the best way to keep living together and cause any problems with their parents. I loved their unconventional romance that was based more on companionship and partnership than desire which makes it stand out. I really loved both our lead characters individually as well and I thought that the way you described Se hee was perfect because he is kind of OCD and he's quite hard to describe and is quite different from most male leads and I agree that the actor did a great job with the role.

    I was really surprised by how much I ended loving the two secondary couples in this series because I thought that I would find myself annoyed by them but instead I found myself hoping that everything that would work with them as well. Towards the beginning of the series I thought it would've been for the best for second couple to break up since they had such incompatible goals for what they wanted out of life but
    after awhile I saw how much they really loved each other and I found myself hoping that they could find some kind of middle ground with each other. I really didn't expect the third couple to end up being as sweet as they were because as you mentioned at first their relationship was just about sex but then it became so much more than that and it surprised me in the best way possible.

    I'm glad to hear that you loved this series as much as I did because it was a lot of fun to watch, had three good romances and dealt with a lot of issues in society in such a creative way, I just think this drama is something pretty special.

    1. I agree with loving the other couples too. Like, we were invested with them ALL! It was a most excellent drama and had so many thought provoking things to say about love and life. Awesome.



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