Thursday, January 4, 2018

Favorite Songs from 2017

I loved some songs this year. I loved a lot of songs. I loved way too many songs to count. But I will share some of those songs with you here. Even though it stresses me out in more ways than one.

1. My favorite song of the year is probably Mic Drop by BTS.  First they came out with their own version of it in September with the rest of their new album. But then they did a remix with Steve Aoki and did a music video for it and that remix is now getting played all over the place, including radio here in America and it's high in all the charts and lists and such. So, you could say this is a "mainstream" popular song even, not just in my kpop world/fandom. Have you  heard or seen it yet? If not, please click and enjoy:

2. Monsta X with their Beautiful song, with beautiful singing and beautiful dancing is up next.

3. Then we have Taemin (from SHINee) doing his solo song, Move. It kills me. Here's a live version.

4. I really loved this B side song by EXO. It's called Sweet Lies and the vocals in it are amazing to me. There's no video for it so just turn it up loud and enjoy their beautiful voices.

5. Super Junior came out with new stuff this year. And while I loved their upbeat title song Black Suit.. it's their more ballad-y song that really got to me emotionally after waiting these two years for them. One More Chance it's called. And I love it.

6. There were many SEVENTEEN songs I loved from this year. Several of them duets by different members. But this one that they did altogether remains one of my favorites. It's called Don't Wanna Cry.

7. Yes, okay. Another BTS. They've pretty much taken over the kpop world and it's hard to deny how many amazing songs they have going on right now. The year started with this one that I still can't get enough of. NOT TODAY! I love this fighting song. Taken from Lord of the Rings for those paying attention. Maybe someday I'll give up, maybe someday I'll stop loving kpop and kdramas, but that day is NOT TODAY! Ready aim fire... BAM! :)

8. Here's one we stumbled upon accidently and then ended up loving. For those of you with more of a rock love, you might like this one. And my guess you'll all understand the story of the video even without understanding the lyrics. Try it. It's very funny. This one is called The Real by N. Flying.

9. This one I can't help but dance too. (Well, they are all that way but this one especially.) Does it make you want to dance too?  Block B Shall We Dance. (Purple dreads? My favorite!)

10. Well and so I thought there must be a current song from this past year that was popular here on the radio or something that I liked/loved. I couldn't think of any. I looked at the popular chart even to see if I even knew any. Most of them are explicit songs. Nice. I remember hearing Shape of You a lot. But I didn't ever like it. Despacito, yes. I liked that one, but the Spanish version of course, not the Justin Bieber remix necessarily. Imagine Dragons... I just realized they have new stuff... I bet I'd like it if I listen. :) But I'll end with a song from a musical that has been popular this past week. And features music I truly do love. But now to pick one song from it... This Is Me from The Greatest Showman. Here's hoping we can all live by and believe these words and brave enough to be ourselves.

If you are interested in a little longer list with very short clips, here's what The Kpop Konverters loved from the past year:

What songs were on your favorite list? Let me know what I missed from the world of western/American music this year!!!


  1. This is such a fun list! And I know (and love) almost all of these. Except I’d never heard the English song before. �� I need to watch that movie.

  2. I like that there's one non-kpop song in there to show that you're still listening to other stuff. ;)

  3. I’m Using data not WiFi at the moment so I can’t listen but I promise I will. I liked Believer by Imagine Dragons. You should check that one out if you haven’t. Other than that I’ve been unimpressed. :(

    1. If you do listen Jenny, let me know if any of them stand out to you. :)



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