Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry

Book: Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry
Genre: MG contemporary verse
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I totally enjoyed this cute story about a girl who has moved to a new school and has to deal once again with everyone getting used to her Tourettes. It's told in verse with alternating points of view between the boy and the girl.

So the girl, Calli, moves in next door to Jinsong (sounds Korean to me, but he's actually Chinese) who is the popular student body present. He's vowed to be a friend to all. But that friendship pledge is tested when his friends think Calli is weird and Jin has to decide, what's more important... what his friends think of him, or being nice and friendly to Calli.

It's a bit of a struggle, but spoiler... he comes around. I like this kid a lot. Yes.

And Calli.. she is trying to decide is it better just to tell people what's going on with her, or to try and hide her issues? At first she hides it and things just get worse, but then she tries telling and hey, it's not so bad when people know.

It's a really cute story with these two cute characters at the heart of its struggle with normal everyday middle school kid issues. I totally enjoyed it and the whole verse thing just adds to the charm. Fast quick fun read. Awesome!


  1. This one sounds very cute and I love verse novels.

    1. Jenny: Yeah, they are so quick and easy to read, yet I get just as much out of them. Awesome!

  2. This one sounds like it would be fun to read. I wonder if my friend would like it. Her son has Tourette's.



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