Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Trip Part 2: Vienna

After our Prague adventures were over, we moved on to Vienna. That morning we met our driver at our apartment and he (his name was Milo) drove us the four hours to Vienna (we used a new site we found called On Day Trip and loved it.) On the way, he took us to a couple of different places to see. 

The first one was the bone church. I forget the real name, but they always need to make more space to bury people so they dig up bones and use them to decorate this church. (Paris has done the same thing and made the famous catacombs.)  It's both creepy and cool at the same time. Nearby, we also went to another cathedral that was up on the hill and had a cool view and was really beautiful.

Then we stopped to see the palace. We took a tour (it was all in Czech, but we had an English paper to read, lol) and then ate lunch there. 

Milo was a fascinating dude and talked our ear off the whole trip. He dropped us off right at the door of our next airbnb apartment in Vienna and made sure we connected with our next host, then he went on home to Bratislava in Slovakia, only 45 minutes away. I wish I would have managed to take a picture of him....ah well.

The apartment we had in Vienna was amazing. The first thing we did was go grocery shopping. When doing airbnb's it's vital to have at least some breakfast stuffs on hand. So we always buy things like bread, jam, yogurt, cereal, milk, juice, maybe a pastry type thing, bananas and etc. Sometimes we get cookies and cheese and lunch meat things too. Anyway, it was good to be now in a German speaking country. Strange that German suddenly seemed familiar after Czech!

The next day we walked to the main center of Vienna, taking pictures all along the way. We ended up visiting Mozart's house (that dude lived in a lot of places, but I guess this where he stayed for the longest time during his Vienna moments) and we ate lunch on the busy tourist-y square. We came back to the apartment and rested up in order to be ready for our big evening out! The Vienna Boys Choir! Strangely, they have switched locations I guess and are now performing in a new place so our taxi driver had a struggle finding it, but we arrived and joined the tourist-y crowd for a fun and awesome performance by these amazing boys. Boys of all shapes and sizes, all races, all beautiful. It was a much less formal event than I expected, and felt a bit like going to a school performance, only with these boys who can sing like no regular school kid! It was fun. 

Afterwards we had schnitzel for dinner at a place recommended to us by the girl at the theater (it was very good!) and got an Uber dude to drive us home. 

The next day we braved the subway to get out Vienna's famous palace. It's where the Hapsburg family lived, if you are into history, and is much like Versailles in France. We spent most of the day there going on a tour of the place and then walking around the gardens. So beautiful. I can't remember what else we did that day except eat Italian at the restaurant just below our apartment. One thing is certain, I didn't get to see as much of Vienna as I would have liked, which only means, we have to go back!


A bone chandelier!

A church in the Czech Republic somewhere
on the way to Vienna!

Inside the church.

The view from the church.

Palace in the Czech Republic

The door to our Vienna apartment

The kitchen inside our apartment

Main square in Vienna. This is a monument to the plague.

I loved this picture that meshes old with new.

Random shot as we walked through Vienna.

Mozart's apartment.

The famous public WC there at the main square in Vienna.
Beware the grouchy attendant!
(They had a dude running the women's, which was
especially off putting. He leads you to your cubby and locks you in, all with a gruff demeanor!)

The Vienna Boy's Choir theater

Pork Schnitzel

The Palace in Vienna: Schloss Schonbrunn
The front.

A selfie showing the garden and the back of the palace.

View through the fountain.

Me in the maze.

The fountain


  1. Uh, decorating with bones? No. Just no. Looks like you had fun. Cool that you got to see the Vienna Boys Choir.

  2. I'm Jenny on the decorating with bones thing. And, I love Schnitzel. It's so yummy. It makes me want some right now. Damn this low-carb lifestyle!



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