Friday, October 6, 2017

Kdrama Review: The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)

Drama: The Bride of the Water God (Habaek)
Genre: Fantasy
Starring: Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

When we took off on the trip, I was half way through a different drama, The Best Hit. However, that one was only available on Drama Fever, which for some reason doesn't work traveling abroad. Weird. So I had to pick something else to watch that I could find on the other drama app, Viki. This one was it!

I was hearing great things about it, and it seems like people were even comparing it to the well loved and fabulous Goblin. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it but it didn't really even live up to that comparison at all!

Anyway, this one is about a dude who just happens to be the Water God. But something has gone wrong in the god world (okay, so a lot of the logistical details of the "problem" went over my head or I just didn't have the wherewithal to focus on them!) and he is sent to the human world to solve the problem. This involves find the servant that has been promised to them (him specifically) since the dawn of time when her ancestors promised themselves (and all their posterity) to the gods. 

Also, he has to find some magic stones that will... do something. Fix all their problems!

When he gets there he finds out that the servant wants nothing to do with him. Also, that she owns the land where the gate to the god world is and wants to sell it, and oh, all the stones are missing.

There's a couple other gods residing in the human world and they have messed things up while they've been there and basically everything is a mess and Habaek has to try and fix it all.

Meanwhile, he is so out of his comfort zone and can barely function, even though he's a god. It doesn't help that he's lost all his godly powers. So he is basically homeless and penniless along with his truly funny manservant and side kick. 

Well, so our girl steps in and even though she thinks he is certifiably crazy, she is drawn to him and decides to help him. First up, she lets them live in her rooftop apartment. OF COURSE! (I love the drama tropes guys, like so so much!!)

And it's not long before she decides that maybe he isn't so crazy after all and that he's who he says he is and that he needs her help. Like, maybe she shouldn't sell her land for starters. And also, she needs his help... to find her missing dad.

Anyway, and so it goes. It's a much more complicated and deep plot then this, but like I said, I didn't really care about that and just wanted to watch the relationship unfold. And it was a joy to watch Nam Joo Hyuk (who I loved in Weightlifting Fairy) do his thing.
Nam Joo Hyuk as the Water God

This character was a complete opposite of the one he played before. Ah, but he was so serious in this one. He would let it (the smirk) slip out now and then, but it was strange to see. However, no less endearing. Let's say, extremely endearing. Yes. He's great, he is. 

There was a bit of a second male lead thing going on, but for once, I didn't care about him at all and just wanted him out of the picture! But he did provide an interesting and twisty conflict.

And the music, as is usually the case, is perfectly awesome. 

In the end, it wasn't a mind blowing amazing drama, but a truly fun one nevertheless.

One of my favorite scenes:


 Here's a trailer:


 And the song (well, one of them):



  1. Maybe I'd like the more drama-y ones??? One day I'll try another one.

    1. Did you finally try one? Did I miss that? Which one?

    2. Jenny: My sister watched one called Save Me. It was VERY dramatic with real world problems and absolutely no romance. (In other words, probably not a drop of chessiness.) I bet you'd like that one. I don't think my heart can handle it. It sounds way too rough. You should Megan's review of it on our channel and see if you think you'd like it:

  2. This one sounds like it would be fun to watch. Sorry it wasn't amazing, but I'm glad you still liked it.

    1. Jenni: It stars another dude I know you'd fall for. :)

  3. It sounds like the plot of this series is kind of confusing which isn't surprising considering this series is based off of a 23 volume long manhwa and I imagine that the mythology and the story have a longer time to unfold and is therefore a lot easier to follow. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the series even though it was a bit hard to follow at times because this series is on my to watch list but I'm now thinking that maybe I should check out the manhwa before hand so that I can follow the plot more easily.

    Drama Fever is a site that is only available in the US, Canada and Latin America which is why it wouldn't work Europe while Viki is available worldwide.

    I see that you have started watching While You Were Sleeping and I have started watching that series as well, I'm all caught up on the series and I'm loving it so far and I'm wondering how you're enjoying it so far. I love that both of leads seem to be quirky, dorky and neither seems to be all that great at their jobs something about that makes them endearing. I like that the series already has turned it's premise on it's head and I like that we already see a connection forming between are two leads even if neither of them are willing to acknowledge that they have romantic
    feelings for each other yet.

    1. Lillylilac: I LOVE IT SO FAR! Only two episodes in! Ah. So good. Yes, I knew that the Water God one was based of something, but I wasn't sure what. LOL. I totally enjoyed it though, even if it was confusing a bit. Ah. Drama Fever. WHY?? But I was so glad Viki worked. I tend to like Viki better anyway. I came home and finished watching The Best Hit. Review to come soon! :)



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