Saturday, February 11, 2017

Movie Review: Train to Busan

Movie: Train to Busan
Genre: Horror (zombies)
Starring: Gong Yoo, Jung YoMi
Rating: 15+ (Korean rating), probably PG-13 here
My Rating: Two thumbs up

"The Walking Dead starring only Glenns. Cool."

(Lol, that was a comment on YouTube on the trailer that's embedded down below. I had to include it here!)

It was the husband that suggested we watch this movie, since he'd heard about from his friend who watches a scary movie a day during October, and so they discovered this movie then and reported that... dang.. it was pretty good!

We'd heard about it other places too and so I was intrigued and since the husband was interested in actually watching a Korean thing with us.. we watched the minute he said let's watch!

So, yeah, it's a zombie outbreak, and our main characters (a dad and his little girl) are on their way, on a train, to Busan (Busan is south of Seoul and about a five hour drive.. on a train probably a bit faster, yes?) to visit the mom, when someone who is infected gets on and starts killing people.

Man, things disintegrate fast! And as these movies usually go, we get attached to several of the characters as the story goes on and couldn't decide if that was a good thing or not. Like, did that mean they would be safe? Or did it mean they were doomed?

Intense times.

Besides our dad and his little girl, we had a blunt but funny guy and his pregnant wife, two older lady sisters, an entire high school baseball team, a homeless dude who had taken shelter on the train, some ornery business man, the conductor, the driver.. and I can't remember who else.

So half the train ends up zombies and other half barricades themselves from them. Every time they think they are going to get help, things just get worse. And worse. AND WORSE! Oh my gosh! We were on the edge of the couch screaming throughout! Biting our fingers and hiding our eyes!

Yes, it was a pretty intense movie, with lots of zombie gore and violence (nothing compared to The Walking Dead) and many many sad moments. Many. And that's all I'm going to say about that! Oh, and these are the fast kind of zombies. You know how some are slow like the walkers in Walking Dead, and some can RUN like the ones in World War Z? These are the fast kind. Ah... that makes them so much more scary!!!

But we loved it and yeah, it was awesome for a good zombie flick! I asked the husband afterward... did you forget you were reading subtitles once it got going? And yes.. yes he did. Just like we all do... subtitles are easy people. Easy! :)
Happy times!

The star of this show is also currently starring in an extremely popular drama called Goblin. During Goblin, he goes to the movies and guess what they watch... Train to Busan. So did you catch that.. his character goes and watches his other character. I haven't seen Goblin yet (it's next on my list) but we did find this funny clip:

Oh my word, that cracks me up!!!!

Well, and here's a regular old trailer in case you are interested:

Wow... that was a great trailer! LOL! And now you know what you can watch should you be in the mood for a crazy zombie movie some day!!!


  1. Ha ha ha! I love that you called it The Walking Dead starring only Glenns. That's ALL I needed to know. I need to watch this now.

    1. Jenni: That was someone else's comment on the YouTube trailer that I, too, loved so much I had to put it here. Yeah, let me know if you can find it and if you watch it.

  2. Now here's one I could get into.



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