Sunday, February 12, 2017

Currently: Feeling Good

Well. It seems I forgot about my habit of posting a "currently" post now and then. I'm going to try and start them back up again, even though I think most readers (do I still have any except for my IRL friends? Not sure anyone is still out there. But blogger says I still have page views, which is really baffling) ... as I was saying... most readers will find my current life boring, but who cares, I guess.

Here goes....

Listening: We celebrated our kpop one year anniversary last month. Let's just say the obsession has not died down after a year. In fact, it's probably bigger and more obsessive than ever. I don't think this is just a phase, in case you wondered. Currently, this very moment, I'm listening to this song:

I don't think you can help but fall in love them, right?

What American songs are popular on the radio and such right now? You'll need to help keep me in touch. I listened to the radio the other day and pretty much gagged at the song that was playing. Something about I'm in love with your body. And that's what they sang over and over and over again.

Watching: Looking forward to The Walking Dead starting up again today. I wasn't sure I'd last through the first shows from this season, but somehow I did. And so it appears I'm sticking with it. Also looking forward to a new Survivor. Still hanging on with that show! They are doing the thing where they bring back old players, and there's a bunch I look forward to seeing again, so that should be fun.

Keeping up with two kdramas at the same time right now... both of them I'm loving so so much. And there's a list a mile long of more to watch waiting in the wings.

Haven't been to the theater much lately. Nothing at the movies seems very fun these days.

Reading:  I actually finished two books this past week. Did you read my reviews? :)  I'm hoping to skim through this week's book club book, one that I've read already. And I have a huge stack of books I hope I have the focus to read soon!

Writing: So I signed up to go to the conferences I usually go to each year. I think I'm going to feel like a poser there, even more than I did before I actually attempted writing. But I'm truly hoping it will be the push I need to figure out how to fit writing in my life again. I want to so bad. Someone wrote a post on the conference facebook page about how to suck it up and deal with one's anxiety and shyness while at the conference, and how everyone, even the popular people with tons of friends around them are dealing with the same thing. The post hit home so hard that I was in tears by the end. I still don't believe that even the popular ones deal with this, but yeah. I don't know how to connect at these things, and yet, I still keep going.

Blogging: This has dropped big time on my priority list. Not feeling the same rewards I used to have with it. At the same time, I don't want to drop it entirely. So.. still plugging along. I won't be going from this space yet. Sheesh, it's almost my ten year anniversary here! What should I do to celebrate?

YouTubing: I spend a lot of time editing videos for the channel. And I love it. Things are still going well over there, with subscribers growing by a hundred every few days. Viewers continue to love seeing us make nonkpop loving people watch and react to kpop music videos. And they love seeing us react to new music videos. But our love for the channel is making compilations, or doing field trips or vlog-like style videos. We are counting the days for seeing BTS. It still seems unbelievable that we really get to seem them live and in person.

There's a little idea of what the concert will be like... sharing a slower song with you that highlights the vocalists of this group. (Rappers are taking a break during this song.) They give me chills.

Planning on going to a YouTuber conference this summer too. Hopefully we'll learn tons about how to keep a channel going strong!


  • The grand baby turns a year old this week. Can you even believe that? I'm dying.
  • We attempted to clean out the room I call my hoarder room. I made a very small dent. 
  • We saw Kinky Boots and I actually quite loved it! Matilda is up for our next musical adventure.
  • Sangi has gotten us addicted to Korean style raman. We'll never eat the American kind again!
  • I've walked on the treadmill consistently for over a week now. Is it a habit yet?
  • After the BTS concert, we have our spring break week and we'll be doing Monterrey/San Francisco.. any thing we should put in our plans that's not the normal? 
Me and the grandbaby during her visit last month,
in case you missed it on Instagram!
With our matching kpop shirts. :)

Well, I guess that's it for this time. Hopefully you enjoyed the comeback of Currently!


  1. Wahoo! A Currently post! How exciting! You need to go see Hacksaw Ridge. It's violent but a great story. I think you'd like it.

    1. Jenny: Ah.. I don't know if I can handle that one!

  2. I can't believe it's already been a year?! That's so crazy! (For both kpop and grandbaby!)

    I can't handle the Korean style ramen. Way too spicy!!! I nearly died with the one noodle I ate at the K-party.

    You're almost to a habit. Two more weeks!

    I want to go to San Francisco so much!!! That's my favorite city and I don't think I'll ever go again because of Corey. *sobs*

  3. I'm here and we don't know each other IRL, so there you go. :)



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