Sunday, February 26, 2017

Currently: Feeling Headachy

Listening: At this very moment, I'm listening to my Super Junior ballads Spotify playlist. Love. So much love. But this week, I've mostly been listening to Not Today, the latest pump it up jam from BTS. Which I'll never get enough of. The dancing. Sheesh. They kill me.

Watching: Only a few episodes left in the latest drama: Goblin. Guys. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this one is. I'm starting to run out of words to describe these shows. I finished up another drama this week which I'd love to review here. So be ready. As far as American TV, I'm keeping up with the latest Walking Dead episodes. They've been pretty good so far this new round, but I know today what's-his-awful-face will be on again. Ugh.

A scene from Goblin

Oh, I watched some movies this week. Arrival, which made my head spin at the end, and La La Land, which made my head sad at the end. Anyway, at least I'll know a couple of the movies up for awards!

Reading: Um. I think I forgot to read this week.

Writing: I totally enjoyed the writing conference last weekend. So glad I went even if I'm not really writing right now. It want to get started on something again, and all week it weighed on me, thinking about how to fit it in, which I never managed to do.

Blogging: I haven't fit this in this week either. I keep thinking I have nothing to say, but I guess I could do a more thorough report on the writing conference and review that most awesome drama I finished, and the movies. Maybe? Sigh. I don't know what to do here anymore!

YouTubing: Going strong over on this medium. We've been posting tons, but then had a bit of dry couple of days there too, which was weird.  Our latest most popular video is a compilation of one of our favorite groups volunteering at a day care center. It's unbearably cute.


  • I've walked on the treadmill every day this week while watching a drama episode. This motivations works so perfect for me. I feel good knowing I'm actually fitting in the walking, but so far, nothing else has changed. But, you know, oh well. I'm used to the no results thing. I'll go with just the good feeling of managing to fit it in for now.
  • So, we got tickets to go to another kpop concert in LA... only six days before the other one we are going to. Yesterday was a flurry of excitement as we managed to snag the tickets and then going ahead with planning that weekend by booking airline tickets and a night in the hotel too. Seriously. We've gone crazy around here. I think I'll do a post about this other group we'll be seeing. Cause, you know, I know you want to know....
  • And yeah, I guess that's about it. 


  1. My doctor is putting me on a new diet (lifestyle change). I think it's one you could do, maybe. You don't have to worry about veggies as much as other diets. It's a low-carb high-fat diet. Today is day 1 for me. If you want to look into it more, go to

  2. In the 'You Might Also Like' it showed me a post about Megan Whalen Turner. Did you know she FINALLY has a new book out this year!!

  3. I'm happy you were able to get tickets! And that's Sangi can go to prom. :) I would love to hear all about your writing conference. Some days I miss that story I started.

  4. I feel you with the whole blogging thing. I've got some reviews to post and I'm just not feeling it. :(.



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