Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kdrama Review: Lie to Me

Note: Before I decided to give into the urge and review the Kdramas I'm watching, I watched two that I skipped reviewing. And now that I've made a page to keep track of these things, I feel the need to go back and review those first two dramas. And so I give you the very first one I watched, the one that pushed me into the Korean Wave and caused the drowning you are seeing now:

Drama: Lie to Me
Genre: Romantic comedy
Staring: Kang Ji Hwan, Yoon Eun Hye
Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Oh man. If there's any story about where something goes wrong and it leads to another thing and another thing and another thing until life is completely messed up, this is it! Crazy!

Our girl is jealous of her friend who actually has ended up marrying the kid she (our girl) had a crush on back in school. It makes her seethe actually. And so, when she is asked by this friend (a very very annoying and fake girl by the way... ugh... I could barley stand her!) how her life is going, she says she is married.

Of course she isn't!

And that friend, due to some interesting chain of events, assumes that our girl is married to the guy, a very eligible bachelor, who the boss of a chain of extremely posh hotels. And then when our girl realizes this, she just goes with it. The lie blossoms to epic proportions.

Well, and so of course, the guy finds out. And then he starts using her. And she of course is using him. At first they pretty much can't stand each other. And then they decide to agree to nicely use each other. And then... well...

But by THAT time, we are DYING for it to happen! And it takes forever!  And all sorts of crazy stuff has to get worked out and it's so much fun and so funny and so happily and sweetly romantic.

It was a great drama to get hooked on. The first few episodes I was like, wow, they really overact a bit, yes? And wow, they are, like whiny and weird and silly. And then after that, I didn't care. Plus, characters seem to be like that in the beginning and then they GROW and change. And suddenly they aren't that way anymore.

It took me a few episodes to get the hang of subtitles, and to get used to hearing Korean and to figure out who is who. (Okay, yes, everyone kinda looked alike back in those beginning days. But, um, I'm over that!)

And I was devastated by my introduction to second male lead syndrome, a thing that these dramas love to torture us with. (And no, this does not mean there is a love triangle, it just means that there is another guy who likes the girl but the girl never notices him. It's heartbreaking!)

But I loved the innocence and I loved how it makes no apologies for the romance being the thing... the whole point of the show. I loved that.

And... by the way, this particular drama, even after having watched a good handful now, still has the best kiss scene I've seen yet! A couple of them actually. Yeah, and I'd love to show you a clip, but then I'd spoil all that tension that leads up to it!


But here's a few other clips and scenes so you can get a feel for what it's like (though all these are romantic scenes and not the funny ones):


  1. Isn't it SO, so good?! It wasn't my first one, but it's definitely one I go back to when I need a dose of cute and happy and SWOON. :D

  2. I really need to try these. Maybe after the duplex is done this can be my reward.

    1. Jenny: Perfect! Let's plan a time and I'll watch the first one or two episodes of something with you!

    2. Jenny!!! I am coming for the summer!!! We all need to have a watching party!!!! BE READY! IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!

    3. I want in on this summer Kdrama party!!!

  3. I still need to watch another one. I'm just having a hard time with my time management and I don't feel like really doing anything right now. I'm in a weird space/mood.



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