Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kdrama Review: She Was Pretty

Drama: She Was Pretty
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Starring: Park Seo Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Siwon, Go Jun Hee
Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

With the review of this drama, I will have caught up with past dramas watched and can now add this link to my new drama page. Yes!

This drama has a soft spot in my heart. It's the one I feel is perfect to start newbies out with, because it has all the aspects that make these dramas so much fun. It's also the drama that started the whole Super Junior craze and the drama that once I was done watching I knew that I for sure had been captured into whatever this thing is... the Korean Wave, the kdrama rabbit hole, the obsession...pick your description. This drama sealed the deal.

So here's the sum up of the story: Our girl is looking for a job, and as she is on the computer, she sees that she has an email from her childhood friend and first love. She is so excited that he's back in Korea after living in New York for years and she makes plans to meet him and get reacquainted.

Well, when she goes and sees him from afar she realizes that he has changed quite a bit. He has gone from a pudgy shy awkward kid to a gorgeous confident businessman. She looks at herself. She has also changed. She has gone from a popular pretty girl to a frumpy skinny unemployed frazzle haired crazy woman. She chickens out in meeting this guy and has her gorgeous friend and roommate fill in and pretend to be her. They think they can pull this off because the friend tells the guy that she is going to study abroad the very next day.

The two roommates

Well. Of course that doesn't work and things get WAY out of hand from there. The biggest problem being that when our girl does get a job, guess who ends up being her boss? Yep. It's him. And he's NASTY! He's a big fat mean jerk and she's all like... what happened to him and why would I want to be his friend???
The crazy boss

Well, of course, she still does and the connection runs deep. But he is, you know, thinking that his childhood friend is her gorgeous roommate. And the gorgeous roommate is all like, wow, this guy is pretty sweet and wow, I think I like him. (She doesn't see his nasty boss side!)


Meanwhile, one of the other guys she works with (aka. Reporter Kim) sees through EVERYTHING and figures it all out and falls in love with her in the meantime. (And again here we go with the second male lead syndrome!)
Siwon as Reporter Kim

Siwon in Super Junior

So complicated!

I love it!

The acting in this one is fun and fabulous. The situations are crazy funny. And heartwarming. And even sad at times. The messages about relationships, all kinds, and finding yourself and your place in the world are awesome. As I said, at first these dramas might seem superficial and silly, but always always, there is a lovely deep thought and message to ponder in the end.

Clips to the theme song of the show:

And here's Siwon himself singing another song from the show with clips that illustrate the second male lead syndrome that I keep talking about:

Anyway, this is a really good one to start with if you want to give a Korean drama a try!


  1. This one is special to me too!!! I have K-converted many a person with this drama. It is SO good! Oh and Reporter Kim is my favorite character ever! LOVE Siwon in that role! Sigh... I think I need to watch this one again... even though I have watched the first 3 episodes about 7 times now...

  2. I've never watched Korean drama. You've got me curious!

  3. This one sounds like one I would like. I just need time to watch it. I feel like I have no time, but I know that's not the case. It's all about time management.

  4. Dang! This one sounds fun too! Quit tempting me!

    1. NO! We will not stop tempting! Because this is an amazing obsession!!!

  5. This one is definitely crazy good! I loved the friendship between the ladies a lot. And the romance of course!



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