Sunday, March 6, 2016

Currently: Feeling Relaxed

Listening: My Super Junior Ballads Spotify playlist that I created just for the soft mellow beautiful ballads by these most awesome guys. The exact song on this very moment, written by Siwon himself (the first guy to sing in this video) is this one... Don't Leave Me:

Watching: In ten minutes from this writing I'll be watching the final episode of Downton Abbey. The end of an era! Will it end happy? Will everyone find love? And then just one hour after that I'll be watching another crazy episode of The Walking Dead. Sigh. This show kills me!

Also, I started a new KDrama... Oh My Venus, about a girl who got fat while she was going to law school, and then she meets a famous trainer dude who also happens to be mixed up in a big time scandal. Hmm... do you think they can help each other? The craziness that will come from this remains to be seen!

Also, watching endless Super Junior videos... having ten years of promotions, shows and publicity to catch up on is hard work and requires much dedication!

Reading: Um... reading. Yes. Well, I read a some pages in Endure... I will finish that this week. And oh, I finished Little Women with the read along crowd! Reading will pick up it will!

Writing: I started back in on revising chapter 1 and 2 of the space opera. It needs so much help it overwhelms me.

Blogging: Coming up on NINE years this next week or two. I will celebrate with a new profile picture. Aren't you so excited? Also... BLOGGIESTA! Join us March 21 to 27. I need more challenge hosts. Email me!

Health Watch: I'm going on the starvation diet... don't eat all day, then binge at night. Stop. I know. It's bad. But... it's how it is. And I also decided to bag my bad feet and start exercising again. I created a Super Junior dance play list and am determined to learn those dances! And let's just say I'm dying by the end of a session... anyway, I like to think of it as Korean Zumba. All I know is, something has GOT to change.

  • We've started a garden project. As in, re doing the whole thing. Wish us luck.
  • I cleaned the travel trailer in prep for a spring break camping excursion. It's been three years since we've taken it out. This could be interesting.
  • Comic Con is coming up... we've bought extra tickets to see Buzz Aldrin. Also, we are hoping to figure out who we'll get pictures taken with. The really big guys are too expensive, but we may go for some of the "smaller" ones. LOL!
  • We had a lovely Little Women RAL watch along on Friday! I love doing that!
And that's a few things that I've been up to. How about you?


  1. Ooo! I'm excited for the new profile pic. Did I get a preview on Facebook?

  2. A new profile pic? Awesome!
    Nine years is nothing to sneeze at, congrats! Your blogging is fantastic.
    I hear Korean dramas are quite entertaining. I should give it a try sometime.

    1. Deanna: Good to see you around! And about the dramas... JUST DO IT! :)

  3. I'm excited to see your new profile pic. The Little Women watch-along was a lot of fun. I've been trying to think up daily topics for Bloggiesta like you asked, but I'm having a hard time. I feel like we need to discuss this in person rather than online or through email.

    1. Jenni: I've come out from behind the books. Let's talk about Bloggiesta on Wed, yes?

  4. New profile picture!? I'm excited!



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