Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Author Events: Kathryn Purdie, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black

Last night we found ourselves at a pretty big author signing event. It was Cassandra Clare and Holly Black! I've seen them doing promotions together for awhile and wondered if we'd have a turn in our area. Well, last night was it!

The auditorium was filled and many people were fangirling and even weeping in awe over meeting their favorite authors. It was fun to watch and I totally understood the feelings. Mostly.

We got a bunch of books signed, but they herded us through the line like cattle. Yeah, it frustrates me when that happens. Maybe I'll save that rant for another day. Maybe I've already done that rant, I can't remember.

But we had a great time and here are the pictures!

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black

Here we are in the crowd, waiting!
From front to back:
Jenni Elyse
and Toto
When I saw how she signed her name I was like,
seriously? :) 
 Last week we took part in a book launch for the debut of another Utah author, Kathryn Purdie. Her book, Burning Glass, sounds awesome.

Getting our books signed!
Left to right:
Kami, Toto, Jenny, Kathryn, Jayne, Abbie, me and Jenni Elyse

Here's Jenni getting her book signed.

Kami had to get off her pregnant swollen feet!
But isn't she cute!!

I love this picture of our group waiting in line.

Kathryn Purdie

And that's it.. until the next time! There are more coming up! It never ends...


  1. If I were as big as Cassandra Clare is and had to sign as many books as she does, I'd sign my name the way she does too, lol.

    It was fun and you got some good pictures. I'm going to steal a few, lol.

  2. Looks like fun! Were people really WEEPING? Wow. Those are serious fangirls.

  3. What a fun night. I love where I live (rural Utah) but sometimes I wish I was close enough to go do these fun things. Thanks for including me virtually.

  4. They were both fun nights. I'm just glad I'm making it to more of them.

  5. That is the laziest signature I've ever seen!? Seriously!? I could copy that so easy and sell signed books for Cassandra Clare.

    HA! That picture of me in the window cracks me up!



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