Sunday, January 25, 2015

Currently: Looking for New Music, but Not New Books

Listening: To Becca from I'm Lost in Book's playlists on Spotify. Because, though I love the music I've been listening to lately, I'm feeling the need to find some new stuff! And it looks like Becca has lots of new-to-me stuff! Oh, also, this week I finished listening to Serial, which I blogged about here. I'd like to listen to more podcasts, but I'd also like to try an audio book... first up is Persuasion for a re-re-read for book club. 

Watching: This week I watched the second to last episode of Parenthood. Next week, it's all over. So sad! I will post my feelings on this show then. Let's see, I'm also trying to catch up with The 100, currently on episode ten or so in the first season. Watching the random Gilmore Girls episodes too, when someone else happens to have them on. Pondering getting myself hooked on Friends, as I never watched this when it was popular on TV. What do you think? Looking forward to The Walking Dead starting up again, two weeks from tonight. Oh, and watching Downton Abbey too! 

Reading: Only 18% left in my re-re-read of North and South. Man, stuff is suddenly happening fast! I'm loving the re-read of this book so so much. Its been a fun fabulous time, this read along we've been doing. One week, and then that adventure is over. I started Landline this week, and also Shutter. I finished The Elite, which was, you know, fluff and stuff.

Writing: I went to the writing group at the library this week and was part of the beginning of a new writer's association they are calling TUAA. They have big things planned! (I'll tell you more about it when they actually have a website up to link to.) Also, a small group read chapter two of what I'm calling the farm book (I've thought of the title Indian Summer, but it's really so cliche!) and they liked it! They really really liked it! I've been thinking nonstop about these characters, but haven't actually written much. I'm floundering big time. Currently, I'm trying to make a list of 100 things I know about my characters (well, the two main ones) and I'm at 55. Today, I hope to think of more stuff! What a fun and crazy creative endeavor!

Making: I started making little bags for a humanitarian project at church. I made some banana chocolate chip cookies. I made progress in de-cluttering by cleaning out some cupboards and also boxing up junk in an abandoned kid bedroom. Oh, I made beignets for book club last week. And I made Cafe Rio pork for dinner this past week too. 

Feeling: Hungry at the moment. A little tired too, but I just had a pretty good nap. I felt a little dumpy this past week thinking I might be getting something, but so far, it hasn't happened. Yeah for that! 

Planning: To go to Comic Con FanX this coming weekend! Woot! I hope to see the original Karate Kid guy, Princess Leia, Draco Malfoy, Stefan from TVD, and Glen from TWD... AND the 11th Doctor along with Rose and Amy. Now that is going to be COOL! You can bet you'll be hearing more about all that. And I'll Instagram tons. 

Misc. Random Tidbits:

  • the kitten lost a baby tooth and that was weird to watch.
  • the youngest kid got her driver's permit
  • the two oldest (married) kids are moving, again.
  • I saw a play last night called "Is He Dead?" It was very silly.
  • I want to see The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything
  • I want to see Jupiter Ascending
  • I can't seem to fit in Zumba
  • the brakes on the car died, so we fixed them. The furnace wanted to die too, but it fixed itself, I think
  • I bought new books this week, dang it.


  1. Lorrie and his brother are obsessed with The 100. I just sort of mentioned it, it was Netflix, and they both have watched every episode now...

    1. Kelly: I wonder if my husband would like it? We seem to not be on the same page where TV is concerned! So my guess is, no! :) Kinda sad, though....

  2. I've never seen a kitty lose a tooth before. I know they do this but I've always missed it. I'm not sure you want to commit to Friends. It's so long but have fun if you do.

    1. Jenny: It was weird, the tooth thing. She was freaking out trying to get it out of her mouth! And if I did watch Friends, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't binge watch. Just an episode now and then... I think... maybe.

  3. Oh my goodness, I think I am going to be a blubbering mess next week when Parenthood ends. I already was this last week!! Thank goodness the action of TWD is coming back!

    What did you think of The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything? I want to see both of those so bad!

    1. Tif: I have yet to see the Imitation Game or The Theory of Everything! They may end up being Redbox rentals for us. We'll see...

  4. My inner geek just squealed at that list of people you hope to see. I am thoroughly jealous!

    Have a great week!

    1. Michelle: I know, right??? :) Excited!!

    2. I just started to listen to Amy Poehler's Yes, Please today and it's SO good. I'm glad I opted for the audio version. And of course the writing group liked your farm story! Indian Summer is nice, but it doesn't quite capture the excitement of the story ...

  5. Your new writing group sounds like much fun. Can't wait to hear what you thought of the series finale of Parenthood!



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