Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mini Movie Reviews: Christmas Break Movie Watching

We have spent a lot of time this Christmas break watching movies and reading, thus I have much to report! Here I'll briefly mention the movies we rented either from the library or Redbox during these past two weeks.

Soul Surfer: Having just finished The Amazing Race where famous shark defying surfer, Bethany Hamilton, competed with her newlywed husband, we were interested to learn more about her story. My daughter said, "Mom, you really should watch Soul Surfer!" So, we did and while it's not a huge feat as far as movie making history goes, it is a sweet little story about what happened to this girl and how she quickly overcomes losing her arm. She was extremely impressive on The Amazing Race, and if this movie of her story is any indication, she was pretty impressive from the moment her accident happened.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: This is one of those movies that looked dumb to me when I saw the trailers, but then everyone said, hey, it's not bad really. So we finally rented it and watched and... I guess it's not too bad. Though I'm still not sure what it's trying to say. Is it saying that if you don't go out and do crazy exciting things, your life is worthless? I sure hope not. I hope it's saying that you should just go out and DO... something. You know? I still felt a little depressed after watching this one.

The Princess Bride: Of course after reading As You Wish and seeing the wonderful Cary Elwes in person TWICE this past year, I had to re-watch this movie. I waited until my daughter also finished As You Wish and then we watched and giggled at all the parts he mentions in the book and we looked for his limping and his laughing too hard, and his AMAZING sword fighting. And we enjoyed it just as much this millionth time as the first time. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this is the best movie ever! :)

Into the Storm: Jenni and Kami had already seen this movie, but I told them when it came out on DVD they had to come watch it again with me. So they did. And we gushed over Richard Armitage and his beautiful-ness and moaned at his attempt at an American accent and swooned when he smiled. But the movie itself? Eh, it was okay. Some cool tornado special effects, but just okay as far as movies go.

ET: The Extra Terrestrial:  This movie is featured in my recent
Nano story and upon discovering that my 15 year old daughter had not ever seen it, we decided to remedy that situation. I am very surprised that it didn't hold up over the years as much as I'd expected it to (I have no idea when I saw it last but I do know I was blown away as a teenage seeing it in the 80s.) It's pretty cheesy in parts and there's a lot of continuity problems that really stood out to me, but the story is awesome, the kids are so cute, and the music is amazing. I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane.

How to Train Your Dragon II: We got this one for Christmas and watched it on New Years Eve since several family members and never seen it. I love the animation in this one and am totally in love with Hiccup. But... I didn't end up watching the whole thing and slipped out during the middle to continue trying to finish my last book of the year! Still, a very fun movie (though sad in parts) that you must see if you are a fan of the first one. (Full review from when I saw it in the theater, here.)

White House Down: I knew the boys in the family would enjoy this one, so it came home with us from the library one day. I must say, I expected a very fast paced crazy show and it took some time to get that way! The beginning was SLOW!!! But then, it got going and bam, finally it was FAST! Very very violent, lots of shooting and explosions, but also lots of funny moments that I didn't expect. I've never understood the appeal of this Channing guy, but I must say, there were a few moments where I was like....ummm... yes. Anyway, it's a great action movie (after the first 20 min) and not much else.

Stay tuned during this coming week for reviews on the  movies we saw in the theater and all the books I read during the break. I must catch up!!!


  1. I agree that Into the Storm as a movie is just "eh". I only watch it for Richard. There are a lot of great moments with him.

    1. Kami: Then you should watch The Hobbit just for RA moments too! :)

  2. I really need to watch The Princess Bride again!!

    1. Belle: I'm telling you... best movie ever!

  3. I had wanted to see Walter Mitty in the theater but didn't get around to it. I watched it when it came out on DVD and loved it. Its one I need to pick up sometime.

    I think the point of the movie, or one of them, is that if you just sit around dreaming about doing things, including having relationships, rather than actually doing them, then that is a pretty sad life. Our secret lives (the ones we daydream about) shouldn't be better than our real lives if all it takes is the courage to take a risk to have that life.



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