Thursday, August 28, 2014

Utah Book Month: Launch Party with James Dashner

Many events have been happening with authors and signings all during this Utah Book month, but the one I ended up at was Tuesday night's launch party with James Dashner for his new book, Rule of Thoughts, the sequel to The Eye of Minds. (Sadly, not my most favorite book, but, BUT, the ending was awesome enough I need to read this next book!)

We got there kind of late which put us at the back of the line when the signing time came, but we got there in time to hear the people, mostly kids, ask him some fun questions.

What writing piece are you the most proud of? A book of 100 limericks written for a high school project.

Who's your favorite character in The Maze Runner? Minho

Who's your least favorite character in The Maze Runner? I love them all, but Galley maybe? I love them even if I don't like them!

What thing would you do first in a zombie apocalypse? Watch the new to find out what to do!

What writing advice would you give to aspirings? go to conferences, network, and find an agent.

What are your favorite books? (not your own.) Anything by Stephen King, especially The Stand

What big name authors have you met? Rick Riordan, Veronica Roth, Jeff Kinney... and I can't remember who else he listed, though I'm sure the list is actually pretty huge. He has not met Stephen King, though he has corresponded with his son.

Will Eye of Minds be a movie too? I don't know! I hope so!

Did you have all of the Maze Runner planned out before you started writing it? Sort of, mostly. A loose outline, yes, but stuff happened during the writing too.

When it was finally our turn to talk to him, I asked him about the movie, and what's up with the Imax thing, and told him how cool I thought Dylan was going to be as Thomas. He told me that it will be in Imax at least a week...not in 3D, in case you wondered. He told me that Dylan was sweet and shy in person, but then he changes when he acts and has all the confidence in the world. He said that a certain sad scene is going to be awesome... that Dylan NAILED it! He'd already told us about the soundtrack for the movie, how excited he is and how you can listen to some of it here already. I'm very excited to hear the whole thing soon.

Oh, and it's been a long time since I've stalked him at a signing, but yay, he remembered me! :)


  1. What fun questions!!! I'm a little surprised that his favorite author is Stephen King. I didn't expect that (says the person who is a King fan)!

    I know we already talked about this, but I really gotta re-read The Maze Runner and then finish the rest of the series.

  2. How fun, I loved reading the Q&A too.



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