Sunday, August 17, 2014

Currently: Back to School? Already?

(written this very second)

Listening: Nothing. I should fix that. What should I listen too? We've been listening to a lot of MIKA at our house these days. Raise your hand if you know this singer??

Watching: I started the second season on Netflix for Hell on Wheels. Also, I watched the first episode of Outlander on the computer. Didn't catch the second one last night. Not sure if I'll manage to keep up with this one. But anyway, that's all the TV I've watched in the past few days. Feeling some withdrawal. I need the new shows to start up! I want Once Upon a Time and Parenthood and Survivor and... well... at least those ones....

Reading: I haven't been doing very well with my Utah Book plans. Only two books down! And I started a third and it's not grabbing me. I think I'll try another one today and see if it takes hold a little better.

Writing: Having fun chatting online with my little group every Tuesday... those that come anyway! I'm still making slow but sure progress with editing and revising my Nano story. Starting to gear up and think about a new Nano story for this November.

Also, we are very close to jumping full force into creating my new writing space. I have every reason to believe once this is done, my writing will totally take off! Ha!

Blogging: Gah... I guess I'm in a slump! Just not feeling it these days. Forcing myself to write those posts that actually do show up. I hate that. Here's hoping it changes.

Anyway, smack in the middle of Utah Book Month and have plans to start gearing up for a full on Bloggiesta which is fast approaching! Oh my word, but time flies!

Eating: I've been tracking my eating at My Fitness Pal now for three full weeks. I HATE IT! Hate it tell you. I feel hungry all day long. And there is nothing to show for it. But I'm determined to keep trying. I've managed Zumba several times, which I actually really love. It's just finding a moment to squeeze it in. But yeah, I'm tired of being fat, but the effort not to be fat is exhausting and frustrating. I'm guessing I'm not alone in this sentiment.

Crafting: Nothing but I need to do some wedding scrapbooks so bad.

  • school starts this week for kid #4. Kids 1 through 3 all start various colleges the next week. Party on.
  • we've plans to go camping this weekend as our final hurrah. But there are so many things happening that we'll miss that we wonder why we even tried.
  • Oldest kid turns 25 this month. He is freaking much worse than I am.
  • the whole writing blog posts for Comic Con has not turned out as expected. Two weeks have gone by and I haven't seen a thing yet. Sigh.
  • I want to see The Giver. And I want to see Richard Armitage in that tornado movie. And people... is Guardians of the Galaxy really that good. I mean...really?
  • And all the talk about Robin Williams and depression and all... has made me depressed. No joke.
  • Ah well. I guess that's all that's on my mind at the moment.

Happy new week to you all!


  1. I can't see that last picture :( You should definitely go see Into the Storm. I'll go with you! You can join the gym with me! We can be gym buddies!

  2. I really need to start getting on Tuesday Chats it sounds like you are all having a lot of fun but I have just been so overwhelmingly exhausted! I have been plotting a new Nano story though and am looking forward to getting down to the writing but have to wait.

  3. I know MIKA now because of you and our little chat!!

    My kids don't start school for another couple of weeks, and it's driving me crazy! They are so ready to get back at it and finally meet new friends!!

    Hoping to make it this next week for the chat. I really love them and they help me to keep accountable.



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