Friday, August 8, 2014

Utah Book Month: The Maze Runner Movie

Here's my son back in 2009 with both
James Dashner and J. Scott Savage at
one of our blogger parties.
You are probably sick of me telling the story that begins like this.... "Remember that one time when James Dashner came to our book blogger party? No, when he came, like, three or four times to our book blogger parties?"

Yes, that story. He came to our party back when The Maze Runner was just a gleam in his eye! He was telling us all about it, this new book of his, and was so excited. Though he did seem a little worried that everyone would think he was floating on the coat tails of The Hunger Games.. except his book was written before he'd even heard of The Hunger Games. People don't understand the timing of these things and he was worried.

Anyway, his excitement was catching and I couldn't wait to read this book when it finally came out. I loved it! Granted, I was a little disappointed in the follow up books. They fell a bit flat for me. But still, that first book, The Maze Runner, was awesome.

And now, a movie? And a movie that looks to be as big as any of the other recent YA book-to-movie successes? It's crazy! It's awesome! I still remember that gleam in his eye and now... this BIGGNESS? I love it.

So here's to Utah authors making it big! And getting their books made to movies!

Have you seen the latest trailer? It's brand new. It looks so good guys. Scary and good. And the guy who stars in it...I think he's spot on. It's Dylan O'brien who I fell in love with on Teen Wolf. He plays Stiles there and he stole the show. He looks to be so perfect for this part. I can't wait to see it and see how he does.

Anyway... congrats to Mr. Dashner, our very own Utah author! I know what I'll be doing on September 19!


  1. I read The Maze Runner a while ago, but plan on re-reading it soon so I can finish out the series. I remember liking it, and I'm definitely intrigued by the movie ... especially with everything he posts about it on Instagram!!

    1. Tif: Yeah, he's a little excited I'd say. I can't wait to go opening weekend and feel like I'm supporting the thing!

  2. He went to a book blogger event??? Oh Wow!! Super fun!

    1. Angie: Lots of 'em! He was our main man back in the day! :) But we haven't seen him for awhile now. As we say, "he's too big for us now!" Oh, well.



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