Monday, May 12, 2014

Bout of Books Goals and Updates

See my daily updates below!

Even though wedding number 2 is now over, there is still much happening this week! However, I plan to fit in some wonderful reading time. Here're my Bout of Books goals:
  • I'm currently halfway done with Words of Radiance (that's 500 pages out of 1000!) and I hope to knock off a ton more pages this week. As part of that, I'd like to write a little halfway post for the read along as so far, I don't think they realize I'm even participating!
  • I need to find and read The Rent Collector since I'll be visiting my mom's book club next week where the author will be speaking. Fun!
  • I'd like to read some easy for fun fluffy books that are on my Kindle. I don't know which ones yet, so this will be a surprise to us all!
  • Scarlet is on my nightstand and is begging to be noticed.
  • As is Days of Blood and Starlight.
  • As far as time goes, I never know what the day will bring, but I'd like to see a good two or three hours every day. 
I feel like if  I can touch on any of those, I'll be doing great!

Here's to reading! Enjoy!


Daily Updates

Pages read: 15% of an ebook and about 50 pages of the "real" book :)
What I'm working on: Words of Radiance and An Ocean Between Us
What I've finished: nothing yet
Hours read: a couple probably. Sheesh, keeping track of hours is nearly impossible as I read in such snatches here and there!

Pages read: 13% of the ebook and only 30 more pages of the BIG book!
What I'm working on: Same as before.
What I've finished: Nothing!
Hours read: Only an hour or so. It was a crazy evening (my usual reading time) and I ended up not having time in the afternoon either. Ugh! So much for a readathon week, eh?


I read a little.


I did not read, except for a bit while waiting for kids at the dentist office.


The jury is still out. Maybe I'll read this evening? Updated to add: Yes, I read a bunch more in Words...maybe 50 pages or so?


I bought a new book and started reading it... got about 100 pages in. I'll be meeting this author at my mom's book club this week.


There's still time today, but I've added another 30 or so pages to the "new" book... The Rent Collector. I hope to read a bunch more today, but there is now church, then dinner, then The Amazing Race finale, so it remains to be seen!


  1. good luck on the reading especially the chunkster.

  2. You have some nice goals! Happy reading and good luck.

  3. Light and fluffy is nice to have in the mix! I stocked up on graphic novels for Bout of Books for when I need a change of pace. Have fun reading!

  4. Have a great bout of book 10 readathon week!

    Here is my post!!

  5. You can do it! You can do it!

  6. Good luck this week! Big books are great to read in a readathon!

    My Bout of Books Goals and Challenges



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