Friday, February 7, 2014

The Beatles: A Music Post

I've been feeling the need to write a little music post and today must be the day because this morning on the radio they were talking about how this very day is the 50th anniversary of when the Beatles arrived in America for the very first time. Remember that?

Yeah, me either, but I've seen the video.

Wow, look how cute they are? Do you blame the screaming girls? I get it. I do!

 And so now I wanted to talk about the Beatles!

I've loved them since I can remember, and I'm not sure when or how I first heard them. I think my parents had only one album and it was a terrible one. I bet they won it from somewhere because it was a live album from a concert they did at a stadium and all you could hear, literally, was screaming girls. As a kid, I was fascinated by that and thought, wow, people LOVED these guys!

 But somehow, despite that terrible record, I learned about their songs and learned to love them. Much much later, when our own kids were little, we took them to one of those pretend-to-be The Beatles concerts (I don't remember the group name.. Yesterday or 1964 probably) and my kids totally fell in love. Both my boys mark that moment as the day they became fascinated with music in general and it's never been the same since around this house.

A few summers ago we were lucky enough to see Paul McCartney in concert. I searched and I don't think I talked about that experience here. What was I thinking? Anyway, we got last minute tickets and had terrible seats but still, the energy and the pulse of that concert was unlike anything else. And to know and sing every single song with him was such a blast. I'm so glad we ended up going.

This is very close to the view I had. On floor WAY in the back.

 I've never been able to pinpoint my favorite Beatles song. Can you do it? Sometimes it's Help:

 And sometimes it's Yesterday:


 And sometimes it's A Day in the Life, from their later years:


 But there's so many more!

 This past summer when we were in England, we made the pilgrimage to Abbey Road. It was awesome. My oldest son felt nearly moved to tears by the experience!

  What's your favorite Beatles song? And do you have a Beatles story?


  1. I LOVE the Beatles! And visiting Abbey Road was so fun, but I was kind of surprised at how many cars drive there! Like you have to get in your picture in between cars and other people and all! It was an experience for sure! :D

  2. This is great! I should have went and saw McCartney when he was here. It was stupid that I didn't! He came because of a Facebook page petitioning him to come here. :)

  3. LOVE this post! I do remember when the Beatles came to America. That night, the night of the Ed Sullivan show, I was 5 and my parents were going out for something. We had a teenage babysitter who changed the TV channel so she could brother and I were so mad! We wanted to watch something else. Man!! I swear in my memory she held her face in her hands and screamed. LOL I love the Beatles.

  4. They'd just something about them! It seems like no matter your age everyone loves the Beatles. I know I do.



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