Sunday, February 16, 2014

Currently: LTUE and Literary Love Week

(as written on Saturday evening)

Listening: a Pandora station as usual. Can you tell that I rely on this little device for my music A LOT? Right now it's the Imagine Dragons station. Awesome music pops up with that one.

Watching: Getting into the latest American Idol. Enjoying Harry a lot. We missed it this week and I hope to watch both episodes later this evening and just chill. I hope.

Reading: Finished The Forgotten Garden for book club which is coming up this week. I also started Perfect Lies (sequel to Mind Games) which comes out this week.

I have a bunch of books I need to read for review from NetGalley. They all came up at once. Plus I bought a ton at the conference this weekend.

Writing: So as you might already know if you follow me on Twitter, I've been going to a writing conference these past three days called LTUE. (I felt like I tweeted a lot about it this year. Maybe you enjoyed that? Maybe not.) It's the sixth year I've been there! But the first year that I've gone considering myself a "writer" since I finished a thing for Nano. So I looked at it all so differently this time around. Very fun. I'm sure a summary post of the experience will be coming up sometime this week.

Writing is going to be a much more frustrating endeavor than I ever imagined. I will need lots of "you can do its". I really want to do this thing, but I'm afraid the hardness of it might win over in the end. We'll see. But I do know that going to this conference helps. I'm very anxious to get back to my story and make my characters so awesome that the readers can't help but love them! Yeah. I'll try anyway.

Blogging: It's been a fun week of blogging! I did lots of Literary Love posts. If you missed them here's the list:

And then on Friday I was quoted over at Love at First Book (as a "famous" person no less) about why I love books and reading. You should go check it out and see what other famous people were also quoted! (Most of them had a MUCH better and MUCH more cool quote than I did. Seriously. It's kinda... funny. A lot funny I'd say!)

Eating: I made Cafe Rio pork this week, but forgot to put in the Coke. Yeah, that's a pretty key ingredient and it didn't NOT taste right, or like Cafe Rio's stuff, at all. Anyway, it was still good I guess. The last few days while at the conference, I've just survived by snacking. It worked. I'm still alive.

Crafting: I haven't done any crafting wedding stuff this week, but I have printed address labels, stuffed envelopes and mailed off invitations! Woot!

  • I haven't been sleeping much. I'm wondering if I can just take that out of my life altogether. Ha. If only.
  • It's a long weekend. Maybe I can do some sleeping. But dress shopping is also in the plans.
  • I also went to a critiquing class this week. Wow, the writing thing pretty much took over this past week.
  • It's still Letter Month and I've sent out a few things. Not one every day though. Unless you count the wedding invites and then you could say I've KILLED Letter Month! :) I've received a couple of things too. Thanks to my letter writing peeps!
  • Remember my swoony post of last week. Wow, that went "viral" throughout my family and IRL friends! I'm telling you, the people in that area of my life rarely read my blog and all week long I had "hey, I read your swoony post!" Even my husband. I think he even liked it... maybe. Funny though, don't you think? Well, I thought so anyway.
So, what's been up with you all this past week? I'm sure I've missed a lot. It's been a bit crazy around here.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed LTUE and that it inspired you to keep writing! When you become the next Stephenie Meyer, I'll be able to say I knew you when :)

    1. Susan: All I have to say about that is... HA!

  2. I have written up things for Letter Month, put stamps on them, and then keep FORGETTING to mail them. Bad me.

    1. Kelly: I'm hoping to write a few more this evening. Wish me luck. :)

  3. I bet LTUE was quite fun for you this Time. Fun Fun. You are a great mom. I addressed and mailed all my own invitations.



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