Monday, February 24, 2014

Book Review: The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Book: The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Genre: YA Fantasy
For: Review and supporting local authors
From: NetGalley

I've loved this series. Definitely one of my favorite recent fantasy series. I'm sad to see it go. I will miss this character, a wonderful, mischievous, clever and loyal thief/prince.

Most of the story in this the third and final book is about the war between the neighboring kingdoms. As is usual when reading these fantasy books, I most of the politics behind the wars goes right over my head. All I know is which kingdom I'm rooting for and who are the bad guys. Sometimes I should probably pay more attention.

Anyway, so this one starts out with a bang and then something pretty bad happens. Something bad enough that I wondered if I could even finish the book.  So, for the me the middle dragged a bit, partly because of the political stuff and partly because of that bad thing. But then, things picked up again and I loved the end. LOVED! It reminded me of Robin Hood episodes where you think there is NO WAY they will get out of things and no way will all be made right and then little do we know, but things have been being planned off screen and all is not as it seems. It's awesome.

The things these characters go though are just, I don't know... ruthless. This kid has been put through pretty much everything and yet he STILL has that swaggering confident attitude. It is one of the best things about him and why I love him, and these books, so much. Maybe sometime down the road we can have more with him? I hope so.

Bottom line: Great series, awesome end to the bunch. Read them. They border on middle grade, so even great for younger kids... though be warned all the bad things that happen to the characters. There is some stuff!

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  1. I'm having a harder and harder time with MG books lately. Sigh! I'm guessing the bad stuff is a death?

  2. I have heard lots of good things about this author, but I have yet to try her. One day...



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