Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Little Bookish Tidbits

Letter Month Take Three

I think, yes, I will take part in A Month of Letters once again. For the third time! I love to write letters. I may be losing my mind this February, but I will still write letters. I'm not sure I'll manage one a day, but I'll try. You probably know if I have your address already from giving it to me in previous years. But if I don't and you want a letter, speak up in comments!

Speaking of letter writing, I've signed up to do the Start 2014 Write challenge at the Estella Society, which is planned to go along with letter month. So, yeah. I'm excited about it all.

Brodi Ashton Signing

The other day Kami, Jenni Elyse and I headed off to The King's English bookstore to see Brodi Ashton, one of our favorite local authors. The third book in her trilogy, Evertrue, came out and I'm very anxious to get to it to see how things end up. Soon, very soon. Anyway, we enjoyed the evening, bought the book, got it signed and then went out to eat and talked and talked. Fun stuff.

Kami, Jenni Elyse, me and Brodi

To Accept or Not to Accept

I wasn't going to accept any more books for reviewing for awhile. Except those already lined up on NetGalley and Edelweiss. Life is just too crazy right now. Seriously crazy. But then, what happens but I get nice emails from the authors themselves and... I just can't say no. Ugh, I can't do this right now people!

Writing, I Think I Can, I Think I Can

We got our little writing group started! We met, we talked, we read some stuff, we argued! It was a blast! And then I go home and decide... well, I guess I can't do this. Yeah, so I'll be having to fight that feeling over and over and over again if I'm really going to write. Wish me luck on that.


I seem to be on roll with reading final installments of trilogies this week. Right now, I'm still into Champion. I just finished Allegiant. Last week, Into the Still Blue and coming up soon, the above mentioned Evertrue. What else should I be adding to my list? Ignite Me.. yes? And I actually need to start the Incarnate series. I think the final one for that is soon, am I right? Ruins (from Partials and Fragments) is soon too. Ah, series ending books are sad, but awesome.

Well, I think that concludes my little tidbit post. What tidbits are going on in your bookish life this week?


  1. I am looking forward to letter writing!!

    1. Kelly: I hope I don't stress about to much!

  2. I"m really proud of our writing group! Even if none of us end up as published authors at least we gave it a shot. :)
    Also, it is amazing you are involved in so much. I don't know how you do it!

    1. Kathy: I'm having a blast with the group so far!

  3. What exciting events! I've recently gotten involved in some book and letter swaps and have loved them all. I'm also having a hard time saying no to books. I'm so very, very scheduled in my reading this month, I'm trying to do better, but it's hard to turn down an interesting, free book!

    1. Katie: I know. I don't have time for extra books. I have to say no. Have to!

  4. May I borrow your Evertrue when you are finished? I hope you like Champion! EEEE!

  5. I am really looking forward to writing letters and cards this month!! I just need to get on that!!



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