Friday, January 31, 2014

Movie Review: Captain Phillips

Movie: Captain Phillips
Genre: Drama
Starring: Tom Hanks
Rating: PG13
My Rating: Two thumbs up

I've been anxious to see this for for quite awhile, but didn't quite make it while it was still in the theater. But this week it came out to Redbox so yay! We finally got to watch it.

And wow. Intense. But you probably already knew that.

So this is the true life story about a ship captain who takes a routine job moving cargo down the African coast when they are captured by Somalian pirates. In the movie, we get a little of the back story of these guys so we know that they are real people just trying to survive, not that it makes them nice or anything. But maybe a tiny more sympathetic.

Anyway, things go very badly, and the captain is taken hostage in one of the life boats. And then when the coast guard and Navy Seals come to the rescue things get so extremely intense that you pretty much forget to breathe.

When the end actually happens, there are no words to describe the emotion, and the acting job of Tom Hanks is so incredible at that moment that it will bring you to tears. I was totally blown away. It was as if we were truly experiencing the event ourselves.

It's hard to believe that someone actually DID experience this.

By the way, I don't think Tom Hanks is up for best actor in the Academy Awards, but the dude playing the pirate is up for best supporting. It has been nominated in several other categories, including best picture.

Bottom line: Rent it now! "Everything gonna be okay."

Here's the trailer if you missed it:


  1. I'm scared to watch this one, but it looks amazing.

    1. Kami: I think you'll be okay. "Everythin' gonna be okay!"

  2. I'd like to see this one. It looks good!

  3. I am so glad you finally saw this one! Tom Hanks was AMAZING!!! I just... the whole end... I mean... ugh! SO GOOD! I am trying to convince troy to see it, but he hasn't yet! And do you agree, what makes the pirates scary are their eyes? When they get huge and crazy looking? Yep, did breathe, yep, cried... and now so excited that someone has watched it so I can gush with them! "Relax. Ever'thing gonna be ok."

    1. Megan: Rent it and make Troy watch it. Yes their eyes are amazing. I was watching interviews on YouTube and it's fun to see them "normal." And it was fun to watch interviews with the real captain.

  4. My parents see quite a lot of movies and my dad was livid that Hanks wasn't nominated for an Academy Award. He said it is probably one of the best acting jobs he's ever seen. I knew I couldn't handle this one in the theater but I definitely need to rent it.

  5. Adding this to my list! I really want to see this one!



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