Sunday, January 19, 2014

Currently: It's All About Love


(as written on Saturday Night)

Listening: Random songs on Youtube. Gotye at the moment. Coldplay, Adele, Lorde a bit ago. Maybe some Maroon 5 coming up. 

Watching: There are new Parenthood episodes! I'm now behind! Also, Sleepy Hollow. Did you know that has a season finale this week? Oh, and Downton Abbey, yes? And tomorrow, SHERLOCK!

Reading: I'm reading a random cowboy romance right now. I'm calling it research. Man, that book is fluff. I'm going to float away it's so light. I read and loved Prodigy though. And soon, I might start... I don't know. We'll see.

Writing: I'm rewriting my first chapter, again. I like it better so far. And maybe we'll get a writing group going this week! Stay tuned.

Blogging: I'm so out of blogging ideas! But hey, BLOGGIESTA this weekend! Sign ups are on now over at the site! Anyway, I'm going to get my groove back, I promise. 

Eating: Man, this eating thing. I just don't know. I don't want to talk about it.

Crafting: I'm hosting a wedding shower in a few weeks, so I'm crafting for that... sort of. Making invitations and thinking up decorations and such. I'm also doing a bunch of other wedding stuff like making some flower baskets, a ring pillow, and thank you favor bags, for starters. This wedding has a rustic theme so everything is made out of burlap, which is different, but fun. We're having the reception in a barn, so it fits!

  • So yeah, my daughter DID get engaged. So my son in March, my daughter in May. I'm going to be okay. Really. I think.
  • And my other two kids (ages nearly 19 and almost 15) are having their own relationship issues, ups and downs, backs and forths. Oh my word, I'm going to go crazy. Maybe I WON'T be okay after all. Wake me up when it's all over!
  • Last night I couldn't sleep until nearly 4 and then when I did fall asleep I dreamt we were fighting a plague and were all quarantined. Interpretations, anyone?
  • WAIT! Have you seen this video? My sister shared it with me and I thought I'd make your day too if you haven't enjoyed it already. 

And I think that's a perfect place to end for today!


  1. That was a pretty fun video. I think Tom Hiddlston won that dance off.

    1. Kami:Yeah, I'd say so! Oh my word, but I could watch him dance all day! :)

  2. Fun video! The weddings will be fine. Don't stress too much or you won't enjoy them. :)

  3. That video was the perfect way to start off my day. Thank you for that!!

    Best of luck to you on all your wedding planning and dealing with the other kids' relationship stuff!

  4. You really do have your hands full with all of those relationships! Getting a wedding put together by May will definitely keep you busy!



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