Saturday, October 19, 2013

In Which I Faint at the Mailbox

I've already shared these pictures with many of you. Yes, if you are on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you've seen my mail already. However, if you are not, how could I neglect sharing here also? I must keep sharing 'till I've shared in every single place there is! (And after this post, I promise, I will shut up about it. I think.)

So I went to the mailbox the other day... the long and arduous trek down to the end of the driveway where usually I gather all the junk mail and throw it away in the can on the way back to the house, where I then stack the rest of it to be shredded at some later time. Getting the mail is usually so disappointing. However, sometimes there's a book in the mailbox, which is always exciting, but only rarely happens these days. Sometimes, during letter month or Christmastime there's a card or a note from a real life person, though this is far and few between too.

But one this particular day there I found a postcard that looked like this:

At first I thought it might be from Melissa of Avid Reader's Musings since she's been known to send me Book Thief related things. I was thinking... ah cool! Melissa you are the best!

Then I looked on the back and saw this note:

I couldn't understand it at first, but then I realized it says THESE not THERE... and "whole lot of these" was referring to the postcards themselves.... Book Thief movie promotional materials I'm thinking. Still, it's not quite clicking in what I have in my hands.

And then I saw this on the other half of the post card:

And that's when I freaked and gasped and very much out loud there at the mailbox said, "Are you kidding me?" I looked again. Out loud, I said to no one. "Seriously? Oh! My! Gosh! Really? He didn't! He did!! Wow, he really did!"

If the neighbors had been out, I wonder what they were thinking!

I may have turned about in a circle, I may have done a happy dance, I may have giggled a little. And then I took myself quickly back in the house were I looked again, and thought "I think this is for real. This is real, right?"

About that time I managed to calm down and think rationally that I really am no one special, that he probably sent a "whole lot of these" to EVERYONE he knew... or I should say, to everyone he had an address for. And I'm sure that stack was a very large one.

But how did he get my address, you may ask. Remember back nearly two years ago at the first Letter Month? And I was brave (or crazy) enough to decide to send him a fan letter? Even though I felt pretty darn silly doing it? Remember that?

Well, sometimes it pays to write a fan letter! Especially if it's to Markus Zusak because I think he says what he means and means what he says! Back at the time, this is what he tweeted me back:

And ever since then I've wondered if he really would, but figured he really wouldn't. I mean, seriously. He has better things to do.

And yet he has! In the form of a promotional movie postcard, and, you know what? I'll take it.


  1. Seriously awesome. I've never ever sent a fan letter!

  2. So very cool! What an awesome writer and all-around good guy.

  3. I can totally picture you doing a happy dance at the end of your driveway! You're having it framed, right?!

  4. Holy Smokes... this is wonderful!! How fun!

  5. That's really cool. If only I could write Ewan McGregor a fan letter and have him write me back.

  6. So awesome!!! I like the happy dance too. That's how I would feel.

  7. I'm just an occasional reader and rarer commenter but I love your good news. I enjoy imagining possibilities when I check my mail and it's usually not so great but wow, what a day for you! I'd be sharing it everywhere too and think it says a lot about the influence you've had as an evangelist for The Book Thief. Good to read about famous people being awesome too.

  8. Congrats Suey! I think you deserve some recognition for all the promoting you do for this book!

  9. I'm happy you posted about this! You definitely deserve a little recognition for all your Book Thief support. :)
    And it's just really cool!

  10. Wow! That' so awesome! It always makes me so happy to hear about author's doing nice things like this :)

  11. I have already seen the pictures, but I just have to comment here as well. This is beyond amazing!!! Lucky girl!! :)

  12. Thanks everyone for your comments and indulging me and my fan girling! :)

  13. I just love this so much. There are so many authors out there that disappoint you when you meet them. They're rude or snobby, etc. Then there's Zusak, who appears to be one of the nicest human beings ever. It just makes his books even better... if that's possible.
    p.s. Tomorrow is The Book Thief opening night thing. I'll tell you how it goes!!!

  14. I would have fainted too. congratulations--I'd frame that.



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