Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tons of TV Talk

In the TV watching front, things have picked up tremendously! How's a person to keep up?

Well, one way is to list all the shows on their blog and then get really depressed about it! Seriously, do I have time for this?

Most of these shows I watch later, online or on demand, and Netflix where available. We don't even have a DVR but really, who needs one these days, right? The way we watch TV now is so different from just a few years ago. It's crazy.

Anyway, here's the list....

Shows I'm Watching 


What a big TV night this is! What's up with that?

Amazing Race: A show that I often do make the time to watch live. For me, it is still as fun as always, and makes me want to travel the world. It's especially cool when they do go somewhere that I've been. I love it!

Once Upon a Time: The plot for this show is so complicated that it makes my head spin, but I love it and I love the twists and turns on all the fairy tales. So so creative. Anxious to see the what's going to happen with Hook and Emma. And I still need to watch last week's show!

Revenge: This one seems to be waning lately. We heard it was going to pick up this season, so we are giving it a chance. Often though, I end up tuning out the details of the plot and just look for the character interaction. Nolan continues to fascinate me, but I have cringe at him sometimes too.

Some in my family watch (or have watched) Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. I haven't dared try either one of those yet.

Of course, Downton Abbey will soon join the list here! Last year I watched it online when it was currently showing Britain, and in fact I have watched one episode of the new season. But then something happened and it's not available, at least where I was finding it, so now I guess I'll just wait and watch it later with everyone else.


Sleepy Hollow: I've watched several episodes of this one and they just seem to be getting better and better. That dude, Crane, is growing on my big time. I love his old fashioned character thrown into modern times. It makes for some pretty fun dialogue. The stuff that happens though, is pretty creepy scary.


Currently, I have no Tuesday shows!


Survivor: Can you believe how long this show has been on TV? Its crazy! This season they are pitting family against each other and it's been really fun and turns everyone's strategy on its head. Totally enjoying it so far.


The Vampire Diaries: Another show that it still pretty good after all these years. Things are so different!

Parenthood: I think this one is pretty much my favorite show of all. It's so real and so ordinary and so true and so good. I do miss Mr. Cyr though! Bring him back!

Friday and Saturday

Currently no shows on these nights either! Am I missing something?

Shows I'm Pondering

Reign looks very intriguing, but I haven't sat down to watch that first episode yet. It may be added to my Thursday night line up soon!

Also, that Alice in Wonderland show looks fun too, but I haven't decided if I should really give it a shot or not.

And what about The Originals? The spin off from Vampire Diaries? I want to watch it just for Elijah!

Speaking of vampires, what about Dracula? Has that started yet? Does it look good?

I tried Agents of SHEILD, but it was boring to me.

Shows on Netflix

Buffy: I finished season three finally have started the first episode of season four. You know, this show still does not totally grab me! It seems surface-y to me, I need it to be deeper.

Dr. Who: We actually rented the DVDs from the library of the latest season... still trying to get through those, even though there's not very many. I'm enjoying Clara though. I need to catch up to be read for the big 50 anniversary "Day of the Doctor" episode. It would be fun to watch that live, but you know, I don't even know where or when to find it! Gah!

Other shows on Netflix that will be an ongoing project for me including Supernatural and Teen Wolf and I can't remember what else!

So, what shows are you watching with me? Let's discuss! What shows do you think I should add to the list? You can probably tell from this list which sorts I like, so tell me! What am I missing??


  1. I really liked Reign. The funny thing is my 16 yr old daughter didn't like it because of the annoying music playing throughout (which I didn't even notice). Dracula starts Friday, hoping that's a good one.

    1. Tammy: I heard about the music... and my guess is.. I'll love it!

  2. That is a whole lot of TV! :-) I'm really enjoying Once Upon a Time and feel the same way about the Wonderland spin-off. I enjoyed the first episode of Sleepy Hollow but haven't watched the rest of the episodes yet.

    1. Vasilly: I know! What am I thinking? You should keep up with Sleepy Hollow. They get better!

  3. I adore sleepy Hollow and reign was okay. Tuesday I watch Sons of anarchy :)

    1. Julie: Sons of Anarchy sort of scare me. Is it really good?

  4. You need to give Once Upon a Time in Wonderland a chance, as it's just as good as the original Once Upon a Time! And really looking forward to the return of Grimm! Love those shows!

    1. Alexia: Ah Grimm...that's one I might try on Netflix. And the Wonderland show... if you say it's good, I better try it!

  5. I wasn't going to watch The Vampire Diaries this season, because I was starting to get tired of it, but I watched the first episode last week and got hooked again.

    1. Pamela: Yep...kind of what I've been thinking. I guess we'll see what they do!

  6. Reign wasn't bad. I'll keep watching for a while. And I'm watching SHIELD more for something to watch than out of serious love for the show :)

  7. Supernatural, Glee, The Vampire Diaries are currently on my favourites list. I can't wait for the new Sherlock and Game of Thrones, although they don't come out till next year.

  8. Tuesday is Person of Interest night. I think you would like.

  9. I am not happy to be missing Parenthood this year. I'm not sure if schedules changed or what but it's up against another show that both the hubby and I enjoy so there's no way I'm winning a battle to change the channel. I need to see if I can find it online.

  10. I'm upset that Parenthood was switched to Thursday! We watch that as well. Once Upon a Time has turned into Lost. I don't know how I feel about that, but I wish they would get on with things!

  11. I am a huge fan of Parenthood! It's one of my favorite shoes of all-time!!

    I also love to watch The Voice. I try to catch The Mentalist or watch it online. And, Grimm and The Walking Dead are my other favorites. Now, I'm wondering what these all say about my personality?!? :)



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