Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random Sunday Thoughts

Because I can't think straight enough for anything else, let's have a random post today, how about?

** Making Hootenanny (aka German) Pancakes today as part of our conference (aka LDS conference aka a break from going to church!) tradition. So yummy.

** Waiting for youngest daughter to come home from the Shakespeare competition. Sounds like they had a great time and were successful in their endeavors.

** Saw Gravity last night. Oh my word! That movie was awesome! Seriously people. Go see it. In 3D. Full review to come soon!

** Only ONE MORE DAY until we close the Book Thief T-shirt giveaway. You want one, I know it. Fill out the form here.

** We (Kathy and I) went to Rachel's (SmilingLDSGirl) book club last week to discuss The Book Thief. We'd only ever talked online and then showed up at her house for book club! Don't you LOVE the internet!!

** I've been doing tons of Pinterest things, beware a Pin It and Do It update soon!

** And why do I keep feeling dizzy? I hate that!

** We had snow this week. The weather is cool and perfect!

** I started reading a book for a TLC tour that I knew nothing about and was a little worried because it's quite big, but guess what... I'm loving it! I will tell you ALL about it soon!

** Speaking of books and reviewing, why am I getting declined by NetGalley so much suddenly? It's sort of disheartening! But never fear... I have PLENTY to read!

** November starts the big books to movie month! Are you ready? I'm ready! Ender's Game, The Book Thief, Catching Fire. Great Expectation is actually out next week, as will Romeo and Juliet. What other books are being made into movies in these next few months? I think there's more! Oh, more Hobbit of course! It looks awesome. I yes, I don't care what you all say, I'm excited for more Legolas. I've missed him! But especially more Thorin! :)

** Speaking of next week.. JOSH GROBAN! I'm coming! So excited!

Well, and now I must go. Happy Sunday and Happy New Week!


  1. Oooh, Gravity. I soooo want to see this, maybe this coming weekend while we're away for The Wife's 25th high school reunion, we'll be able to catch it. I'm hoping so. Thanks for the reminder (again) :).

    1. Bryan: I really hope you get to go! I think you'll love it! And have fun at the reunion. You'll to report what you do because I'm helping to plan my 30th one next year. :/

  2. I saw Gravity in 3D on Friday. It was very awesome.

    I have also been getting declined a little more on NetGalley as well. I probably wouldn't have noticed; however, I didn't get a particular ARC that I really wanted. Oh well, that is life.

    1. Pam: Yeah, it's life. Oh, well. Glad you enjoyed Gravity too!

  3. I will be very curious to hear what you think of Gravity. I have not been very interested in it, but have been hearing lots of good rumblings about it!

    I am sooooo excited about some of the upcoming movies!! Definitely Catching Fire and The Hobbit! Now I just need to figure out how to get to these movies!!

    1. Tif: You need to get interested in this movie now! :) I'll need to figure out how to get to all these movies too. Maybe I'll just see a few by myself.

  4. So. Many. Good. Movies. Gah! I can't afford to see all of them in the theater--but rest assured, Gravity is one which will! No snow here--sun, rain and wind. Rinse and repeat.
    Have a super week!

    1. Kim: Yes, for sure Gravity in the theater! I hope you manage a few of the others too. :)

  5. I'm looking forward to all those big books to big movies too. I'll travel "over the mountain" from Price to Provo to see "The Book Thief" and "The Hobbit". We don't have the best theaters in Price. We have waffles on Conference Sunday.



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