Sunday, May 19, 2013

TV Talk! And lots of it!

I've been doing a lot of TV watching this past week... lots of catching up, finale watching, finishing things, etc. And because I know so many of you also enjoy a little lot of TV, I thought I'd share my rambles.

I'm sure there'll be spoilers for many different things, so proceed with caution.

Survivor: I loved this season, as you may be aware already. I enjoy it when there are returning players. I also enjoy new players that are fans of the returning players. So much fun. Some of the returning players this time around were my favorites anyway, so it was hard to choose who to root for. But I picked Cochran from the beginning because of his lovely endearing nerdiness and yay for him! Anyway, it blows me away that after so many years of this show, I still find myself completely into it.

Amazing Race: I also still love this show like crazy, but this past season was a little less exciting for me than some of the others. It all depends on how well you like the teams I guess. And while I LOVED Dave and Conner (I did tell you that he, Dave, lived next door to me when I was a tween, yes?) they got out way too early and made the rest of the season just ho hum. Though I loved seeing their travels through Europe!

Revenge: I watched the first season of this one on Netflix and then caught up to the second season to the point of watching the last few episodes live. I found the first season to be very gripping, but the second season waned quite a bit for me and there were times I found myself falling asleep while watching. What? But the finale... wow. CRAZY beans! I will be dying for the next season to start after all! And I've totally fallen in love with Nolan. He is such a sweet guy and so funny. Anyway, the plot is a mess of complication, but it's a fun show nevertheless.

The Vampire Diaries: Ah, just watched the season finale last night and wow. My head is spinning! Poor Stefan, he always always gets the bad things happening to him! I was so happy to see a little Elijah there these last few episodes, because his character fascinates me. And Jeremy is back! (How DO they do that?) Anyway, the plot here is getting a bit complicated too, but it remains a fun guilty pleasure show for me.

Once Upon a Time: I lost a bit of interest in this one over the course of this past season. (It doesn't help that it competes with Amazing Race on Sundays!) But I decided to catch all up with it and I really do love the way they have been able to weave so many fairy tales together into this one story, and how they are changing things up a bit and continue to keep us all guessing. Peter Pan? I mean, wow, I guess he's going to be the next evil bad villain? I love the love story with Belle and Rumple and Captain Hook is just swoon worthy on all counts! Fun fun show.

Dr. Who: Yay! I finished all the seasons all Netflix (the new ones I mean) which means I've watched through season six. I haven't been watching the new current season  but wish I could have been. Oh, well, hopefully they'll show up on Netflix soon. Anyway, this show is pure and simple awesome. I'm amazed by how you never know which emotion will be featured in any given episode. Sometimes, you are laughing, sometimes crying (The Girl Who Waited so very much got to me) and sometimes scared to death! The crazy plot line and the twists and turns through time are so much fun! River and all her shenanigans?!  Wow. I just love it so much and I'm glad to have finally be "in the know" as far as this show is concerned  Anyway, I'm still a 10th doctor fan and once I finished season six, I immediately started a David Tennant episode to re-watch just for the heck of it!

Merlin: I haven't been keeping up on the current shows here either, but did watch through season four. Hoping season five shows up on Netflix soon. I think it's the last one and then then series will be over. Sadness. This show gets into my head and I end up dreaming about the characters. Love it!

American Idol: Blah! I'm so sad that this show is no longer what it used to be! I hardly watched this season. I watched a few and picked Candice to win. Yep, and was I right, or was I right!!?? Anyway, the judges are weird, and now Randy is leaving? What? Yeah, I think this show is on its last legs. And I've loved it for so many years. Sad.

The Voice: To take the place of that space, I tried to watch a few Voice episodes, but I'm just not sure I get it yet. I will keep giving it a try. All I know is that I'm fascinated with Adam Levine and can't seem to take my eyes off him. What's up with that? Oh my word. He's, he's..... mesmerizing!

Buffy: My Buffy watch has suffered of late, but now that I'm "done" with Dr. Who, I think I'll start up with this series again and watch one or two episodes a week. Or while I walk, or fold clothes, etc. I need it to get really really good so I am totally hooked. Obviously I'm not really at that place with it right now. (Middle of season 3.)

Parenthood: Love this show so much! I have no words. It has all the emotion, all of it! And the most awesome characters and actors. Wow. Can't wait for more. Dying for it. Please let Jason Ritter be back! I can't even imagine what Sarah is thinking!! Speaking of which, I hear he has another show that's going to happen, co-starring with Rory from Gilmore Girls. Funny, don't you think. I may have to watch just for him. I seem to really like him....

Downton Abbey: So fun to watch a show that the whole world, literally, seems to be in to. What a crazy sad season this last one was. I can't wait to see what they have planned for this next year. It seems like a long long time to wait. Frustrating.

Sherlock: Another one that we seem to wait for a lot. The ending of that last season was mouth dropping. Must have more!

Ummm... so how's that for a TV talk line up?  I may have even yet missed a few. I used to tell myself that TV was a bad bad thing and that I should stay away from it, but in my old age I have decided that it's a pleasure that I will allow myself and to heck with the naysayers. I think TV shows and reading books are a very similar pursuit and go hand in hand. Thus, the TV watching continues.....

How did all your favorites turn out this season?

Looking at the line up of my favorites, which shows am I not watching that you think I'd love?


  1. I just jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon this year and absolutely love it!!! I was able to get copies of all 3 seasons on DVD and watched them pretty much straight through - I can't believe how season 3 ended!!!

    The other shows I watch regularly are Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.

    Grey's had a pretty good season this year as most of the characters were trying to deal with the aftermath of the plane crash that was last year's season finale. This year's season finale was another action-packed one as they had to deal with a superstorm hitting the area. A few deaths, a few new romances coming looks as if it will be a good season next year!

    Scandal was crazy this whole year!!! That show is so jammed-packed with secrets and action - you definitely don't want to miss a minute of the hour-long episode and the season finale...all I can say is OMG!!!

    1. Kristin: Those both sound like summer-worthy TV projects!

  2. I could have sworn that Sherlock was supposed to be back by now. Can. Not. Wait. Guess if we want our fix of Benedict Cumberbatch we'll have to go see Star Trek!

    1. Lisa: I don't even know, but I can't wait either. And I DID see Star Trek this weekend and he WAS awesome!

  3. I too still love Survivor and The Amazing Race.

    Have you looked into Call the Midwife? It's wonderful, on PBS, but it's another BBC series. Really wonderful.

    (I get the Adam Levine thing.)

    1. Raidergirl: I have heard of that midwife one, haven't watched any of it yet. I'll add it to the list.

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  5. the Voice takes a bit, but you are right on the Levine-thing.
    we'd dropped off w/ Once Upon a Time, debating picking that back up.
    just finishing our own Buffy re-watch, nearing the end of the final season now.
    Waiting for Downton and Sherlock drives us bonkers! especially Sherlock (September!) but I'm just glad that they are determined to continue them despite each actor's schedules.


    1. L: I'm so happy they are! (regarding Sherlock) Yes, the Levine-thing! I'll have to watch more Voice stuff to see if I catch on... I guess it's not quite over yet, is it?

  6. I love DR who and River is my fave :) David is my doctor :) I love watching the same shows too. I stopped watching Once upon a time, but have moved onto Mad men, and Games of thrones.

    1. Julie: I watched one episode of Game of Thrones and I'm afraid it's too much for me. I've never tried Mad Men... not sure I'd like it either, but I could try! :) Yay for David!

  7. I'm a HUGE 10th Doctor fan, too. I just can't get into Matt Smith and I'm totally caught up until the season finale this past weekend. I'm very excited for the 50th Anniversary special because David Tennant will be in it!

    And I love Revenge! I didn't read past the spoiler warning ... I haven't seen the last few episodes yet! What with hockey being on, hubs is a little preoccupied with watching ALL the games and not our TV shows.

    Oh, and Sherlock! LOVE Sherlock! We tried watching Elementary and it's just not the same. I much prefer Benedict Cumberbatch. :) And Parenthood! One of my FAVOURITE shows! It just makes me happy and sad whenever I watch. It's such a real show.

    Thanks for sharing, Suey!

  8. Oh my gosh, you love Doctor Who now! It's so fantastic and David Tennant is my favorite too! (Also Sherlock, Downtown and so many others!)



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